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The Sexy Grave Robber vs. the Mummy

Here is an excellent vignette style diorama that was built around a pair of figures in a North Star Model set. It also has a nice additional feature in LED's added to make it a dark and ominous scene.

It looks like our sexy grave robber is having second thoughts about stealing from the ancient egyptians.

Luis has contributed many excellent dioramas to my website. You can check them out right here: Dioramas by Luis

Mummy vignette diorama


Luis tells us about the making of this project:

The reason for this vignette is simple. I had this kit from North Star
Models -54 mm Beneath the Pyramid mini diorama
- Ancient Egypt Girl vs Mummy
set laying around that I brought some time ago at a scale model show in NJ.

The set-up is simple, I bought four decorative boxes for a hobby store like
Hobby Lobby, AC Moore or Michaels I then painted the outside and the bottom of the boxes with water based yellow ochre and drew lines on the outside of the box with a black pen to make it look like giant stone bricks.

Once the paint was dry, I printed out Egyptian hieroglyphics from the
internet trimmed them to fit the side walls of the boxes and glued them then I cut doorways and with ice cream sticks (cut to size) wooden door frames were made (see pic)

Pillars were also created from an old broom stick and the pillar bases were
bought at the same Hobby Store as mentioned above.

The various egyptian relics

As for the Egyptian statues and treasure, they were all toys or little
statuettes from various shop.

I then painted the figures and placed them where they stand by a pin through
their feet and then glued them.

The piece d'resistance is the lighting effect of the torches. If you look
closely at the picture I made some torches and right behind the torches I
made a hole and placed battery operated flicking LED lights to give the
effect burning torches within a dark and gloomy mummy tomb (see pic). It
would have been better if I had built the torch using an LED light itself,
which I still might do when I get to it, but at the time I did have enough
time to get it done for it was entered into a horror modeling contest in the
vignette section the day after, which came in third place. So not bad for a
last minute idea for using a light effect.


The diorama in dark lighting



Overhead view of the diorama


View inside the diorama


One of the rooms


The Sarcophagus room


Beneath the pyramid mini dioramaBeneath the Pyramid Mini Diorama - Ancient Egyptian Girl vs Mummy

This mini diorama inspired by Alexey Lipatov 's art - Ancient Egypt Girl vs Mummy ambush.
Casted from high quality resin this set consist two figures and and parts for columns of Egyptian pyramid.
Please note - that the height of figures is 51mm - some smaller that normally 54mm.
Ancient Egyptians have a really smaller height than current people (by our standards) - they are was near a 150-160 cm tall.
This kit is not painted and assembled - just resin details for work
Test fit & painting the example of figures - Emil Grupchev, Varna, Bulgaria


Book on how to make dioramas

Check out Will's book on how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas. I put all my best techniques and tricks in this book!

How to make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas




Waterfall in a dioramaA Waterfall in a diorama

Actually pretty easy to make a great looking waterfall if you know the right tools and techniques. I have it right here: Make a waterfall in a diorama



The Invitation

The Invitation

This is a hand made diorama with a Pegaso Model. It shows how a simple diorama construction with a few objects can create an excellent scene. The Invitation