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How to Set up a Gold Fish Tank - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we do the actual building of the tank putting the various things in it, getting it ready for the fish.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Let's set everything up

Start by adding the gravel to the tank and spreading it out to a nice even layer. A general rule of thumb is 1 pound of gravel per gallon of water.

Add GravelStraighten Gravel


The pump

Next let's set up the filter. If your filter isn't exactly like this one that is ok. They are all very similar and the one you get will come with specific instructions.








The Pump Parts

Here are the parts that come in the box. The pump, the two tubes are the intake tube. The rectangular black thing is the bio foam and in the bag is the bio bag. Those two latter things are filters.






Insert bio bag

Rinse the bio bag in water and then insert it into the slot in the filter.







The bio foam

Remove the bio foam from the plastic frame and rinse it thoroughly in water and squeeze out the excess water. Then insert it back into the plastic frame.








Insert filter

And insert it into the filter unit right in front of the bio bag.









assemble tube

Snap together the two tubes.









Insert tube

And insert that assembly into the pump unit.









Install Filter

And insert it right onto the lip of the tank.










Add ornaments

Now add the ornaments.








Add water

And add the water.







Prime pump

And prime your pump by filling it with water until it overflows. This step is important. Don't skip this. If you don't prime it the pump might not work correctly.







Plug pump in

And plug the pump in. It should start flowing in a few seconds, cascading water into the tank. If it doesn't you can prime it again by opening the lid and pouring water into it until it overflows.






Next add the conditioner. It isn't much that you will add and the bottle tells you how much to add according to how many gallons your tank is.


The conditioner  Add conditioner


And that's it. You should now let your tank sit for 1-2 weeks before adding your goldfish. You can add a product called SafeStart which will allow you to add the goldfish immediately.

Next Let's continue and add the goldfish


Tetra SafeStart Water Treatment -

  • Treats up to 100 gallons as maintenance to boost bacteria (use during filter cartridge changes or when treating your aquarium)
  • For new aquariums, it will fully cycle a 20 gallon aquarium
  • Patented live bacteria allow immediate addion of fish in newly set-up freshwater aquariums
  • SafeStart acceleratesthe establishment of the bio-filter in newly set-up freshwater aquariums
  • The live bacteria start working immediately to provide a safe and healthy environment for your fish without a long wait




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