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How to Make the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne

This tutorial shows you how to make the kirkhammer. It is a trick weapon because it also has a sword in the handle of the hammer. We make that too- and it fits in the handle just like in the game.

The video tutorial you can watch is at the bottom of the page.

I am working on this tutorial right now!

But The Template is ready and right here


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The bloodborne kirkhammer


Overview - In the video game Bloodborne this is a trick weapon. It can be used as a hammer and the sword is also removable so you can use that. In this project we stay true to that. The sword comes out of the hammer handle and you can use that. And this means there are two distinct builds in this project. We make the hammer out of foam and we make the sword out of foam board (or cardboard).

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The dragonslayer loves his kirkhammer


Included in the template is the instructions and drawings for a miniature kirkhammer.

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Tools, Equipment and Material

  • 1 big sheet of foam, I use foamular that I purchased at the home depot for 21 dollars.
  • 5 sheets of foam board for the sword
  • Some kind of adhesive to glue the foam pieces together, I used liquid nails for paneling to do the hammer and hot glue gun to do the sword
  • Paints: Black and silver (light grey if you don't have silver)
  • Tools: Something to cut foam with: Hot wire foam cutter, hacksaw blade
  • Tool to cut foamboard with, Xacto knife or hobby knife
  • Optional: A sheet of 1 inch thick foam

Liquid Nails


Liquid Nails LN710 10-Ounce Liquid Nails Paneling and Molding Adhesive


Measure on the foam

For the hammer head and the hammer handle I am using a product called foamular. It is two inches thick, 24 inches wide and eight feet in length. You can purchase this at the home depot for about 21 dollars.

You don't need a pickup truck to get it home. You can simply cut it in the home depot then put it in the car. That's what I do.


Cut the foam

And it is easily cut with a hot wire foam cutter, a sheetrock cutting saw or even just a hacksaw blade.


NextOkay! All the introductory stuff is done. Let's get to building it!! Continue



Watch the video tutorial here:


The saw cleaver

Make the Saw Cleaver from BloodborneThis is an interesting and fairly easy project you can make with two sheets of foam board and a little paint. I give you the template! And it really works. You can open and close it! Make the Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne.




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