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Make the Sword of Perseus Slaying Medusa - From an authentic museum statue

During a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city I spotted a statue of Perseus with the head of Medusa. It's a beautiful statue and an amazing sword.

We don't make it out of marble like the original. We make ours out of foamboard. In this tutorial I show you the process step-by-step. And when you are done making yours you will be ready to slay Medusa too!

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The sword of perseus


About the sculpture: The title of it is Perseus with the head of Medusa. It was sculpted by Antonio Canova in Rome. Canova lived from 1757 to 1822.

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This project also comes with a complete tutorial in a youtube video. You can watch that video right here:


Supplies and tools used for this project:

  • 1 sheet of foamboard 5mm thick. (Elmer's 2 pack foam board )
  • White paint
  • Some kind of off white paint, I used parchment colored.
  • A knife to cut the foamboard
  • Some kind of glue that works on paper. I used a hot glue gun.


Here is the completed sword that we make.

the sword we make

And a new technique that we learn here is how to make a box out of foamboard. It is the guard of the sword.

The box guard


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Okay! Let's Make this sword (continue)

Remember the movie Clash of the Titans? In that movie Perseus has a sword? It is quite a bit different than the one this statue carries. But I do have a tutorial on it if you would like to make that one!

Perseus Sword

Make a Clash of the Titans Perseus Sword This is a nice project where I show you how to make a Perseus sword out of cardboard. I have the complete template you can download and print up. It comes out great looking and strong. How to make a Clash of the Titans Perseus Sword