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The Battle Between Good and Evil

-A Seven Foot Diorama with working lights and waterfall

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This is a view of the seven foot long diorama I am building. You can see the mountains to the right and the control panel in the foreground. The control panel operates the lights in the castle and the waterfall under the mountain. The mountain is hollow and I keep various types of evil creatures in there. I have created a 3 minute video of this diorama if you want to check it out Diorama Video


Here is an overview of the whole scene. On the left is the mountain range. On the right is the castle. The model is the battle between good and evil and the area in the middle with the trees is the battleground. The castle has an area around it for a moat. I will be pouring a clear resin into this to create water.


The Castle - It is all hand built from a variety of materials. This is an inside view. Notice the workiing chandelier and the carpeting and furniture. I cut away a portion of the second floor so the light could be cast down onto the table in the middle of the first floor.


The Castle At Night - Here is the castle at night with its various lights.


This page is part of the Fantasy diorama tutorial that I have made. If you are interested in making fantasy dioramas you can see the complete tutorial Here - It takes you through all the steps of making a high quality diorama in the fantasy genre. From start to finish with lots of pictures and explanations of the steps.

This is the diorama we make in the tutorial

Storm The Castle Diorama

The Storm The Castle Diorama


I also have a great tutorial on how to make a fantas shoebox diorama. This is the battle between a fire breathing dragon and a knight. Shoebox Diorama Tutorial


shadowbox fantasy

The Newest Tutorial - How to make a fantasy shadowbox. Complete instructions on how to make this great wall mount shadowbox. The scene we make in the tutorial is: "Women Warriors prepare for Battle". Shadowbox diorama