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A Giraffe diorama

Here is a wonderful diorama that is very aesthetically pleasing and yet very simple. It was made by Chip Frazier and it shows a good eye for diorama composition. If you want to make a diorama yet are a bit unsure about how to do it or maybe you are concerned about the complexity of a diorama you might want to try a scene like this. All it takes is a character or two and some grass with maybe a tree or two. Here is what Chip has to say about how he made this diorama:


  For the acacia tree, he used a cutting from an azalea bush, stripped all the leaves, trimmed to the desired shape, sprayed adhesive on the limbs and added the bagged foilage like you use.  He used a spray adhesive by 3M, Super 77, and has been finding little bits of foilage falling off.  Now that the foilage is already on the limb, how can he "seal" it so it won't continue to fall off? Since the scene is complete he can't start all over.  Any suggestions?  I have attached a picture.

I recommended that he try a spray sealant that artists use (Workable Fixative ) to keep the foliage on the tree.

Giraffe Diorama


Schleich Giraffe

Schleich Female Giraffe - Female Giraffe. The Schleich range of hand painted animals are perfect for enjoyable roleplay - build up a collection for hours of fun. All animals are in scale to produce families, and are CE tested and approved. 5 Years +

You can see another example of Chip's work in this Swamp Diorama. It is the famous scene from one of the Star Wars movies.


Miniature tree

Diorama Trees

I have a tutorial here that will teach you everyting you need to know about diorama trees including which ones you can buy, what types and how to make them. Diorama trees


Diorama on a picture frame

Using old wooden picture frame to make a wonderful diorama base

You can pick up some wonderful picture frames from the dollar store or used item store and turn them into some really elegant dioramas. Here glen shows us how to do it with a machine gun and mortar team. Picture frame diorama bases