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How to Make a Stained Glass Dagger

This is a nice little project that is a bit different than your average stained glass project. I show you how to make a dagger. And in doing it we learn all the basics of making stained glass.

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.

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Stained glass dagger



WillIf you have never made stained glass this is a fun way to start. And it is a dagger that you can hold and swing around a bit. It has strength. So, interested in stained glass but don't want to take on a whole window? Here you go! A nice conversation piece. And you learn all the basic skills of how to do stained glass.


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Sketching on a light box

We start out with an idea. And in a project like this we then move to the drawings.

For this project I did a lot of drawings. And the shape of the dagger changed a lot through these drawings.





The dagger sketch

Ok, this is the final shape of the dagger. I like it.








Divide it into segments

Next we break up the drawing into various stained glass pieces.





Layout glass

Ok, let's start cutting and placing glass.

If your glass is clear you can place it right on the pattern.







cutting the glass

You can use the lines on the pattern to accurately score the glass with the glass cutter.








Snap the glass on line

Then snap the glass.








Tap the glass to break

You can also separate the glass after scoring it by tapping on the underside with the ball end of the glass cutter.







Layout the glass pieces

Cut and place all the clear glass.

The opaque glass, which is not so transparent is handled a little bit differently. Let me show you how to do that glass.

Next Continue





Video is here


Easy to Make Stained Glass Boxes -

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Easy-to-Make Stained Glass Boxes contains durable full-size templates for constructing different boxes featuring designs with floral, butterfly, heart, geometric, abstract, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Pennsylvania Dutch, Islamic, and contemporary motifs.
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