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DragonSlayer Skyrim Stop Motion Animation

This is another installment in the saga of the dragonslayer. It is a series of stop motion animations.

This set and animation were pretty simple; definitely not as complex as the Temple and Dragon Animation. But it was a lot of fun to make and shoot this animation.

It also included a couple of special effects that are just kind of unique.

There are two special effects and they are a wall that breaks apart and a smoke effect that is pretty neat.

I also show you about using some real time footage in an animation. I needed this technique for the smoke.

You can watch the animation at the bottom of this page.


Here is a look at the overall set. Pretty simple with just a few things. It is on a table that is eight feet by four feet. On the righ is the shoutwall and on the left is the break away brick wall. In the middle the only extra set pieces are the pews.

The Dragonslayer skyrim set


The story is a bit of a deviation from the normal story line of the dragonslayer but it was a lot of fun anyway and it fits in pretty well. When the dragonslayer left the temple with the dragon he slid through some kind of a chute. In this installment we follow him down the chute and into a small room with a shout wall. He gains the power to shout from the wall and then he shouts a hole in a brick wall which is where he moves through and into the next installment of the story.

The shout wall being built

The shout wall is the centerpiece of this animation and it was built out of foam. Quick and easy to do something like this and once it is painted it looks great.


The Completed shout wall

Here is a look at the completed shoutwall. The little pedestal with the helmet is important because he takes the helmet and puts it on.

And the part of the wall where all the words are written actually has the center words drilled all the way through. This way I can do the smoke effect.

In the Skyrim game the word glows and smoke goes from it to our player. And I do this in the animation with a smoke generator. And a flashlight behind the word wall. (I have more about the buiding of the shoutwall right here)


word in the wall

This picture shows the carved word on the Shout wall. The smoke from the smoke generator can flow right through this.


The break away wall

Another important special effect is the breakaway wall. It is made of a series of bricks that assemble into the hole. Each brick segment has a piece of fishing string tied to it. I pull all the strings and the wall collapses as if blown open. I have a tutorial on how to make this breakaway wall right here


The painted pews

The final thing in this scene is the series of pews that are blown away when the dragonslayer shouts "Fus ro Dah". They are made out of foamboard. I have a tutorial showing you how these are made and painted. Making the Miniature Pews.


The dragonborn helmet

The final little detail in the scene is the dragonborn Iron helmet. Its an important part of the scene because he takes it off the pedestal and puts it on before he shouts. This was a neat little project and I have a tutorial on how to make this right here: Making the Miniature dragonborn helmet.


The smoke effect in the wall

The final thing is the smoke effect that comes out of the Shout Wall and into the DragonSlayer. I used a smoke generator.


I installed a tube behind the shout wall. This way I could connect a fog generator.

I will show you the fog generator in the next picture.


This picture shows the smoke generator installed and ready to go. I have more about setting up this special effect here


Eliminator Lighting Fog Machines Fog It 700 Fog Machine

This isn't the exact fog machine that I used but it is about the same.



Here is the video of this whole setup right here: The DragonSlayer 7 Skyrim





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