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The Paper Mead Cellar (Wine Cellar)
It is free to my patrons

This is a fun project that I have designed myself. It is a wine cellar that specializes in Mead!

You download it, print it, and put it together.

Here is a look at the completed project. What you get is a downloadable packet complete with all the parts and the step-by-step instruction on how to build it.

This is a unique project and there is nothing like it. The whole thing is hand drawn and designed by Will.

Starry Night Castle Mead Cellar


This is a unique project and there is nothing like it. The whole thing is hand drawn and designed by Will. And it is part of a larger series paper castle projects. It is growing into a complete series of paper projects about a castle. A castle called "Starry Night Castle".

And this is because I am on a vision quest to build a real castle right here in America. It will be called Starry Night Castle. And these paper projects are one of the ways the building of the castle will be financed.

You can contribute and follow along in the process of the building of the castle by becoming a patron on my patreon page.

And as a patron you get all kinds of bonuses including this paper mead cellar for free. (It's a 9.95 value) . You will also get upcoming paper castle projects free too including the next one which is an adventurers dungeon.

Take a look at my patreon page right here and consider supporting me in any way you are comfortable. Become a Patron!


Prefer to just buy the mead cellar project? Buy it through paypal right here ($9.95):

This project is also available on etsy right here

Want to see more of this project? I have a video you can watch right here:

How to make a paper model of a room, building, or something similar. Will takes you through the steps he takes when making something like the wine cellar or the blacksmith shop. You don't need much to exercise your creativity in this way. Some paper, some glue, and some card stock. Creating a paper project


The Paper Blacksmith Shop

This project is availabe to my Patrons as a thankyou for supporting me. It is completely designed by me. Patrons can download it, print it, and put it together. Learn more about this wine cellar how to become a patron right here ( Note that you can also purchase it if you prefer; through paypal or etsy.)

Rapunzel Paper Diorama

Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama (Tatebanko)

Here is an easy scene from the Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel that you can make. I give you everything in the template. You print it up and put it together. Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama