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How to Make the Assassin's Creed Belt


This is a tutorial on how to make the Assassin's Creed Altair belt for the leather armor. This is the one with that great looking buckle. This is a pretty easy project to make and once you have all the materials you can finish it in just a few hours.

The hardest part is carving the foam buckle but I show you how to do that step by step.

I have a template for that buckle. You can download it and print up two copies to make your buckle. That template is here.

I also have a video tutorial showing you how to make this project. It is at the bottom of this page.


Here is a picture of the completed belt.

The Assassins Creed Belt



The ornament out of foam

The biggest challenge in this project is the making of the buckle. But I will show you how to easily make this by carving it out of foam.








Glue the template to foamPrint up the buckle template (it's here) cut it out and glue it down to a piece of foam. I am using one inch thick foam.

Be careful about the glue you use. Some glues will actually melt foam so you might want to glue a small piece first to see what happens.








Glue the buckle downNext cut out the foam so you have a foam buckle. I used a hot wire foam cutter but you can use any kind of cutting tool like a hobby knife. Even a hacksaw will work.


Apply glue to the back side of the foam buckle and glue it right down to a sheet of paper or card stock. Even cereal box cardboard would be great for this.

We glue it down like this for two reasons. First it will make it much easier to carve but it also makes the buckle much stronger. the foam will be less prone to break and crack with a paper backing.




Cut out the shapeNow you can start carving the shape of the buckle and here is the secret to doing a good job. You cut a section of the paper off and carve just that section. The arrow in the picture shows the first section I carved.

Once you have that section carved you cut away another section of paper and carve that section. I did this in seven different sections.

Tools you can use:

A whole lot of tools will work very well for this including files and rasps. But particularly effective are hobby knives like an Xacto knife and emory boards. Emory boards are those sandpaper like boards that you use for your fingernails.

Sheets of sandpaper also work very well for this.



Shape it to three dimensional

Okay. I am continuing the carving process. I have just removed one of the top leaf sections and next I will carve it. Just continue removing sections and carving. Have fun with it!









Paint it silver

Once you have carved it you can go ahead and paint the whole thing silver. If you don't have silver then light gray will work well too.

Once the whole thing is silver you should then use black to do some detail work. Paint black lines in between the leaves and along various lines.






Cut it away from the paper

Once the paint is dry you can cut the buckle away from the sheet of paper. Remove all the paper around it but don't remove the paper that is on the back. This forms a nice strong backing for the buckle.








NextOkay, the most challenging part of this project is done. Let's finish this off


Here is the Video Tutorial showing you how to make this project:




Assassins Creed Altair 7" Action Figure

This highly detailed 7" action figure is based on main character Altair from the videogame Assassin's Creed. The figure includes accessories and stands 7" tall.




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