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How to make a sword sheath (Scabbard) out of foam


An easy sword sheath is a project that many people have asked for. I finally got to make one. It is easy to make with smple materials and it looks good.

We use just a few basic materials like cardboard and foam sheets.

I also have a video tutorial for this project. It is at the bottom of this page.

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Here is the Sheath we make in this tutorial

The sword sheath


Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Cereal boxes or some kind of similiar cardboard like cracker boxes
  • Masking tape or duct tape
  • Several sheets of foam. Available on amazon.com here:
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Silver paint
  • Scissors
  • Four eyelets (optional)
  • The sword you want to make a scabbard for


Let's get started: Cut yourself some of the cereal box cardboard like this. Trim off any flaps and fragment end pieces on the cardboard first. You want it wide enough to wrap all the way around the sword. It is ok if the piece isn't long enough to cover the whole length of the sword. We will add more cardboard.

Cut cardboard to rough size

Wrap the cardboard around the sword like this. It should overlap enough for it to be easily taped. Give yourself a little bit of extra room in there so the sword will slide easily in and out. It shouldn't be tight.

Wrap the cardboard

Tape the full length of the cardboard.

Tape the seams sealing the sheath


wrap the tip

This sword is longer than the cardboard wrap we made so now we cut some more cardboard and wrap that around the remaining part. Do this as needed for your sword.




And you can custom trim that cardboard as your sword is shaped. We cut it a little at an angle because the sword tip comes to a point. Wrap it and tape it closed. Also tape it to the other cardboard wrap you had made so it is all one piece.

Fold over the cardboard

About these pieces of cardboard. This new piece should be a little bit on the outside of the previous piece you wrapped around the sword. This is so it doesn't create a little lip on the inside that the sword could possibly get stuck on.


the cardboard sheath

So now you actually have a sheath. It is made out of cardboard. And we now need to pretty it up a bit by covering it with fun foam.





NextOk, let's continue with the tutorial Or watch the video tutorial below


Fun foam









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