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How to Mount a Sword on the Wall


Here is a complete tutorial, with a video, on how to mount a sword on the wall. It is not a hard project and all you need are a few tools and a little bit of know how. Sword wall mounts are readily available and you can purchase them from many online dealers including amazon.com. They come in a variety of different styles and looks but they are pretty much all the same. And they come with the required screws and wall anchors. This page has a complete tutorial and at the bottom is a video showing you how I did this project.



Sword Wall Hanger

Sword Wall Hanger Set SH102 - These are the wall hangers that I use in this tutorial. The set is available at amazon.com. At the bottom of this page I show you a variety of other types of sword wall hangers.




Back of the wall

First let's take a look at the back of a typical home wall. The picture here at left shows you the framing structure. It is composed of 2x4's that are spaced 16 inches apart. You also should note that there are wires inside the wall. So, before you start drilling you should note if there are any switches or wall outlets nearby. And be careful when drilling. You don't want to drill into any of these wires.



Tools and Materials

Here are the tools and materials I used to do this project. From left to right: Screwdriver, stud finder, Sword Wall hanger pair, Awl, wall anchors and screws, pencil, drill bit, drill


Mark the holes

Once you have determined where you want the sword to go you should put the mount up against the wall and mark with a pencil the screw holes.


Drill the holes

Drill the holes using the right drill size.


Insert the anchors

Insert the wall anchors and then tap them flush with a hammer. The anchors should be a tight fit.


secure the mounts

Now screw the wall mounts into the wall anchors. Do this for both of the wall mounts and you are ready to install the sword.




Here is the completed project. The sword is resting in the mounts and securely attached to the wall.




Sword Wall Hangers available at Amazon.com


Fleur de lis wall hanger for sword

Denix Sword Hanger Bronze Fluer De Lis




Universal sword wall hanger

Universal Sword Hanger/Display



Wooden Sword Wall Hanger

Black Wood 2 Tier Hung on Wall Sword Stand #248