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The Chopstick Crossbow

This project was submitted by Kenneth Z. My thanks go to him for submitting! It is a terrific little project and he put the whole tutorial together including the series of excellent photographs


The Completed Chopstick Crossbow


Safety note: This is a powerful little crossbow! It can be much more powerful than you think and it can be dangerous. This project should only be done under the supervision of an adult and you should never fire the projectile at another person. Never! Be careful and wear safety glasses when firing this crossbow!


Pros of this Crossbow:
Fires very far (up to 30 feet)
Made from everyday materials

Not historically accurate

The materials

Materials You will Need:

  • 2 chopsticks
  • One skewer about 1 foot long
  • 1 piece of skewer aout 2" long
  • A Small Binder Clip
  • A popsicle stick
  • Duct Tape
  • A pencil or any other type of ammo


The Tiller:

Take two chopsticks and the 2" piece of skewer. Tape them together like this.


The three rubber bands

The Bow:

Tie the three rubber bands together like this.



Take one side and tape it to the 1-foot skewer.


Do the same for the other side. It should now look like this.



The Release Mechanism:

Tape the popsicle stick onto the binder clip.


Putting it all together:

Tape the bow and the tiller together.


Attach the release mechanism onto the back.

That's It!

To Fire:
Pull the rubber band back, and secure it with the binder clip.

Squeeze the binder clip to fire.

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