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How to Make a Rubber Band Gun


This is a tutorial on how to make a rubber band gun with just a piece of foam board and a couple of other things.

If you came here from youtube I will need a day or two to finish this web based tutorial but the template is done and you can download it here: Rubber Band Gun Template

I also have a video tutorial at the bottom of this page.


The Completed Rubber Band Gun - This is black foamboard.

The completed Rubber band gun



Trace out the pieces, there are eight

Okay, let's start making this project! Print up the template and cut out the pieces. Trace those pieces onto a sheet of foamboard. You end up with eight different pieces.

Then go ahead and cut all those pieces out. I use an x-acto knife.

Now let's assemble the gun. I used a glue gun for this process. You can use any kind of glue but it may take a while for things to dry.


Start the assembly

Glue two of the large pieces together, one right on top of the other. And do that same thing again. You now have two halves of the gun.

Now, on one half glue the two pieces labeled 2 and 3 just as shown in the picture.


Try the trigger for fit and ease

The Trigger mechanism will fit right into that open area. Just place it in there to see how it is. But, take it out. We will install it later.


Glue it all together

Now glue it all together. Try not to get any glue into the open section in the middle where the trigger goes.


Install the Trigger

Now you can slide the trigger mechanism into place.


GLue the top on

Next glue on the top piece. This piece is important! Do not leave this step out. it helps keep the rubber band in place right near the trigger. Otherwise the rubber band will try to slip between the sheets of foamboard.


Hole location

Next, with the trigger inserted into the gun we want to drill a small hole all the way through everything including the trigger. The template shows the spot where the hole goes in the grip and where it lines up with the trigger.


Running the wire pivot

Run a wire or a paper clip through the whole assembly and fold it over. The trigger should move freely through a good range of motion.


The end peg in place

Drill a hole at the end of the gun where the barrel would be and insert a peg, dowel or pencil in there. Glue it in nice and tight. it should protrude from the end of the barrel between one half inch and one inch. Don't let it stick out more than one inch or the rubber bands might not fire correctly.


rubber band is loaded

Now you can load the rubber band by placing it over the peg in the front and attaching it over the trigger like shown here in the picture. Notice how the rubber band is over the top of the gun? That's important. Make sure you always load it so it is on top like this.


Loading the rubber band

This picture shows me loading the rubber band.




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