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Make Thor's Stormbreaker - Let's Build it

Will is working on this tutorial right now! Bookmark and check back later today!!!



Let's Get Started


Print up the template and cut out the three pieces that make up the head of the weapon. Tape them together like this.


Tape it to the block of foam and trace it with a marker.


Cut out that profile using whatever cutting tools you have.



The outline shape is cut. Next we need to cut the profile. In the template is a page that shows you how to cut it. It isn't to size, it is just a drawing to show how to mark and cut the profile.


Mark up the sides of the axe head to mimic this pattern.



Also be sure to mark the center line where the cutting edge of the axe is. This is so you can carefully bring your cuts to that axe edge.



Go ahead and make those cuts to complete the shape of the axe head.


You can use a variety of tools including a rasp, hacksaw blade, small saw or even a plastic knife with serrations on it. Note that a rasp is really nice for getting details annd fine shaping.


Okay. That profile is cut and it looks great!



NextOkay! Good job! (Continue)


Available on Amazon:

Avengers: Infinity War Marvel's Stormbreaker Electronic Axe


  • Thunder sound FX
  • Push leaf button to activate sound FX
  • Design inspired by the Avengers: Infinity War movie
  • Imagine summoning the powers of Thor
  • Includes axe and instructions.
  • Ages 5 and up. X2 1.5V AAA Alkaline batteries required. Demo batteries included.