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How to Make a Spartan Spear (Hoplite Spear)

This is an easy to make spartan spear and I give you the template you can download and print up and full instructions with pictures and video so you can make your own spear just like the ones in the movie 300.


To make this spear you can follow along with this tutorial or you can watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this page.. If you have a good handle on how to make it all you need is the template I have drawn. This template is for the Point and the butt of the spear and it is located here: Spartan Spear Template Just right click and save it to your computer then print it up.


The completed spartan spear


Spartan Helmet Project

Note From Will: I also have a Spartan Helmet project that you can make out of paper mache. It is located here: How to Make a Spartan Helmet


The picture below shows the tools and materials needed to do this project.

Tools and materials

Materials & Tools:

  • Template - Can download and print up here: Template for Spear Point and Butt
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • A wooden dowel or broomstick - about 1 inch thick and up to 72 inches long
  • Black paint and brown paint, paint scheme is optional
  • Saw
  • Scissors and hobby knife
  • Glue, white glue or carpenters glue
  • Electrical or Duct Tape

Cut out the template

Print up and cut out the six pieces of the template. These pieces make up the Spear Point and the Spear Butt.


Trace onto cardboard

Put the six pieces of the template on your cardboard and trace the patterns. Then cut out the six cardboard pieces.


Assemble the Tips of the Spear

Glue together the Spear Point and the Spear Butt.


Cut notches in the dowel or broomstick

Cut notches in the broomstick or the dowel. Do this in both ends. And make the notches approximately one inch deep.


Glue point to handle

Glue the Spear Point and the Spear butt to the handle. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Wrap tape to strengthen

Wrap electrical tape around both ends of the spear to make the point and butt stronger.


Wrap the handle


Wrap tape around the center of the spear. This is the handle. You can use black electrical tape or duct tape.


The completed Spear

Here is a picture of the completed spear. Remember that this is just an ornament and even though the tip is cardboard it can still be very dangerous. You should never point it at anyone or throw it at anyone.


Here is the video tutorial showing how to make this spear


63" Foam Spartan Spear LARP Greek 300 Cosplay Detachable Foam Spear Toy Weapon



Spartan Shield

King Leonidas 300 Spartan Greek Replica Shield Pro New This is the Poly Resin 300 Replica Shield. The shield features a handle and arm band. This shield weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds and comes with hand and armstrap. And it is made with a battle worn appearance.