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How to Make the Sword of a Thousand Truths


This is a tutorial on how to make the sword of a thousand truths. Fun little project that is easy to do. The biggest challenge is getting it painted nicely. If you are not familiar with the sword it is from an episode of south park where they get addicted to playing warcraft and are on a quest to get the ultimate sword "The Sword of a thousand truths". Funny episode.


The finished sword


The template

Here is the ten page pdf you can download. This has all the templates and instructions

Download here


The booklet has instructions for how to put the sword together. It is pretty easy. You cut out the parts and tape them together. You use these paper templates to make the foamboard parts like shown in the picture below.

You end up with four parts total and the picture shows how to glue them together.

One handle piece goes on the table. The notched handle piece and the blade go together just like you see and glue them down to the bottom handle piece.

Then you glue down the final piece right on top of all that. This last piece is shown on the upper left corner of the pic.

The foamboard pieces

That's pretty much it. It is an easy assembly. From there you need to paint it. Here is a larger picture so you can get a sense for how to paint it. I used four colors: Blue, white, brown, black.

The completed sword of a thousand truths

Here is the video tutorial



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