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Origami Museums

Origami is a world wide pursuit that has been around a very long time. I have visited a few museums that are devoted to the art and craft. Here are some resources to help you find a musuem or location for origami makers and I also have some pictures that I have taken at various locations.


narita origami museumNarito Airport in Tokyo has an Origami Museum - It also sells all kinds of Origami stuff including papers and books. I have visited this museum and have taken videos.I will be creating a youtube video and posting it here so you can see it. I do have some pictures that I extracted from the video. One of the most striking things about this museum is the dioramas that are made out of origami. They are just wonderful. Beautiful Japanese scenes made out of paper.



The Nippon Origami Museum - This is the museum you really have to visit if you are passionate about origami, and if you get to Japan. The website (In Japanese) It is located in the Ishikawa prefecture in Japan. Which is north/northwest of Tokyo


Tokyo Origami MuseumThere is an Origami Museum in Tokyo near the Hakusan station. I did visit it and it was small but nice. They had some wonderful pieces on display and some very large ones. They don't allow picture taking but, for what it's worth here is a picture of where it is. On the second floor across the street. Very unpresupposing but nice nonetheless. I believe this is also the headquarters for an origami organization. There were a lot of people in the back room folding paper. If you want to go there you should check but in my notes I have the directions to the museum as being Otemachi to Hakusan Station. I believe I got off at the Hakusan station and the picture is taken from the entrance to Hakusan station. I had to wait around for the museum to open. But there is a beautiful little cemetary down the street. I spent some time walking around that while I waited. It is called "Origami House" and here is their website (in Japanese)




I also have plenty of other Origami Resources including Origami Books, Paper and Kits



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