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The Origami Water Bomb

This is a fold that turns out to be a box with a small hole into the top. Once you have completed the fold you blow into the hole at the top and it inflates the fold into a box shape. Because of this inflation it is also called "The Origami balloon". But you can also fill it with water and throw it which makes it the water bomb. Another interesting use of this is that you can put a fly in it and the shape and paper will amplify the buzzing of the fly.


An origami water bomb




Quality Origami Paper

Mini Yuzen Chiyogami Origami Paper - Mini Yuzen Chiyogami Origami Sheets These mini sheets of origami paper are absolutely beautiful! Each pack comes with 20 sheets of brightly patterned paper accented with metallic gold. This is very high quality mulberry based rice paper. Also included are 20 solid color sheets for a total of 40 sheets per pack. The sheets measure 2-3/8"x2-3/8". The image shown is enlarged to show detail.


The Joy of Origami The Joy of Origami The origami book, reinvented. From Margaret van Sicklen, author of the Origami Page-A-Day® Calendar and a tireless proselytizer for her craft, The Joy of Origami brings a delightfully fresh twist to the ancient art of paper folding. Traditional in spirit-she reaches back to origami's original aim, as a way to share unique gifts with friends and family-yet contemporary in look and feel, with 100 sheets of paper featuring bold, often whimsical patterns specially designed to complement the models, it's a jazzy, essential book for every origami hobbyist, whether an old hand at folding or new to the craft.

The 57 models range in difficulty from a simple Elephant in Pajamas to a more challenging Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are models for special occasions (Stars and Stripes Pinwheel), action models (the Foxy Puppet), models for kids (One-Trick Pony) and models for friends (the Kissing Cranes). The Everyday Paper section includes models using found paper: four cool ways to fold a dollar bill, an awesome newspaper baseball mitt, and fun ways to turn unwanted business cards into origami creatures.



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