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Paper Game: India


The game of India is a fun and different little paper game. It typically takes about fifteen minutes to play and it is a two player game.

Thanks for coming over from Youtube. I am currently working on this web tutorial. But the game is ready:

Download and print up the game right here



This game is based on Will's adventure in India. Want to watch a video of it? It's on my youtube channel here.



India the paper game

Overview of the game

The object of the game is to pick up the Indian Dagger and deliver it to the Taj Mahal. Along the way you will experience challenges and pitfalls. If you are not first to get the dagger it is ok because you can land on the other players piece and steal it! Then race off to the Taj Mahal.


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The carrom piece

One of the unique things about this game is the way we move the pieces. In most of my other paper games we use a paper dice to generate the number. But in this game we use a variation of the Indian game Carrom. This is where you flick a chip with your finger. Then you move the number of spaces.

And.... you can see how your chip would probably land over more than one number such as the four and the one. Well... your opponent gets to choose which number you move, either the four or the one. This adds a whole level of strategy to the game.



India - The Game Rules and Instructions


This is a two player game.

Objective of the game: Get the Indian dagger and deliver it to the Taj Mahal.


Each player chooses a player token (square) Blue or Red and places it on one of the Start squares. Also place the dagger piece on the dagger square of the board.

Moving your piece:

The motion of the piece is based on the Indian game of Carrom where you flick a round chip. You do this in the box at the end of the board. Each player takes a turn.

How to move: Player 1 goes first by placing the Carrom Chip in the player 1 circle then flicking it against the far wall of the box. Player can only use the index finger to flick the chip. The chip must hit the far wall. It then bounces back. Hopefully the chip is now over one or more numbered squares. The opposing player gets to choose one of those covered squares as the number of squares player 1 gets to move his or her token. Player that is moving has to move the full number in either the forward or backward direction. But cannot go back and forth in one turn.

Note that you have to move the number of squares that have been decided for you; whether it back or forward is your choice.

If the chip is not over any numbered square that players turn is done. The player doesn't get to move. And the next player goes. This includes if the chip flies out of the carrom area.

The two players alternate turns.

Landing on a yellow square: When a player lands on a yellow square you follow the directions written on the playing surface.

Getting the dagger: You have to land exactly on the square with the dagger to get it. On your next turn you then move the dagger with you.

Stealing the dagger: You can steal the dagger from the other player by landing exactly on his or her space. You then take the dagger as your own and immediately go again to make your getaway.

Landing on the other player while you have the dagger - If this happens you give the dagger to the other player and the other player goes next.

To win the game: You must be in possession of the dagger and you must land exactly on the Taj Mahal square. For example, if you are one square away from the Taj Mahal and you roll a 2 you do not advance to the Taj Mahal. You have to move back the full two squares.

When approaching the Taj Mahal - You are allowed to go right through it and continue on if need be. For example: you are two spaces away from it and the number you shot is 5. You can go back five spaces if they are available or you can go to the Taj Mahal and beyond it, ending up three spaces on the other side of it.

Winning the Game: When a player, who is in possession of the dagger, lands exactly on the Taj Mahal Square that player wins.



You have to be careful! There are dangers in India. For example, if you run i

nto a Sikh warrior he will send you back to the start of the game. Or the guards at the Amber fort will search you, find the dagger and return it back to its starting point. So be careful and try to shoot your carrom shots carefully. Be wary of your opponent too because he can land on your square and take the dagger from you.


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