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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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For example: I just added my marginalia castle as a free gift to my subscribers. I sell it on etsy. But it becomes free to newsletter subscribers.

All It takes is your first name and email. (And it doesn't even have to be your real first name)


Now: Let me first say thanks for checking out my website and for considering signing up for Waterfall in a dioramamy newsletter. I want to stress the point that this is an absolutely free newsletter and you will never get any email solicitations or sales pitches from me. And your email stays private between you and me. It goes nowhere else! You simply receive my newsletter.

Newsletter frequency: I don't send you email every day. No need for that. You just get occasional issues of the newsletter and every once in a while you will get a special issue from me when I come up with something special. Generally it is once every 30 days.

Unsubscribing: Every newsletter issue comes with a link at the bottom that gives you one click unsubscribe. I hope to keep you as a subscriber but It is very easy to unsubscribe if you decide the newsletter is not for you!

The newsletter is a way for me to show you all kinds of great stuff when it comes to projects and hobbies. Did you know that I have over 10,000 pages of stuff and over 1000 videos? It's all free and it can be hard to find your way through all that stuff! But the newsletter is a way for me to show you the stuff I have and the projects you can make. It is also a way you to keep updated on the new projects I make.


Here is some of the stuff I do:

-Paper Castles - Catapults - Classical Guitar - Dioramas - Military Dioramas - Fantasy Art School - Mead - BeeKeeping - Make Video Games - Miniatures - Paper Mache - Model Rockets - Stop Motion Animation - Telescopes - Terrariums - Trebuchets - Project List - RC Airplanes - How to make a...   My Youtube Channel - Downloadable Projects - - Weapons/Armor Projects - Origami - Obsessions - Dragonslayer - Blacksmithing - Nature Projects - Bonsai - Adventures/Travel - Science Projects - Sitemap - Swordmaking - Will's Blog - Send your project pics in! - Skyrim Projects - - Paper Making - Fan Art! - Paper Games -Stamp Collecting - The creativity of it - Products/Tools - - Games- Goldfish - Leathercrafting - - Castle Models -  Stained Glass - Will's Books and eBooks - Hobbies - Sword stuff - Coming: Chess - Classical Music - Clocks - RPG's - DaVinci -Pocket Watches - Electronics


I do a very wide variety of projects and here are some examples:

Model Rockets shoebox dioramas Fantasy Dioramas Make a Catapult


One More note: My name is Will, this is my website and the newsletter is totally my creation. Of course I won't ask for your email without giving you mine so here it is and feel free to email me if you have questions about my site, the newsletter, or if you have some great ideas on projects!

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