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Tips and Tools

Here on this page is a list of my various tutorials that will help you become a better crafter.


How to Make Tracing Paper

It's very easy to do. If you need tracing paper but don't have any then you can make some from regular printer paper. And it is useful for many projects other than tracing. Projects like my shadow theater, lightbox and camera obscura. How to Make Tracing Paper.


Make a Hot Wire Foam Cutter

It is an easy unit to build and it is dual purpose. You can use it as a hand-held unit and as a table-top unit. How to make a hot wire foam cutter.


What is foam board (foam core) and how do you work with it.

It is an amazing product that is kind of like cardboard. I have used it to make hundreds of projects. Here I show you what it is and I give you a whole lot of tips on how to work with it creatively. All about foam board



All About Hot Glue Guns

If you are into crafting and making things you really need to have a hot glue gun. In this video tutorial we open one up to get a look and I give you a whole lot of tips on how to use them. Did you know they make colored hot glue sticks? All About Hot Glue Guns



All About Hot Wire Foam Cutters

It is an amazing tool with a wire that heats up. You use it to easily cut through all kinds of foam. In this video tutorial we take a look at several types of hot wire foam cutters and how to use them. All About Hot Wire Foam Cutters