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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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Will's Favorite Quirky and Unusual Projects

I make lots of projects. But some of them are a bit unusual or peculiar. And even though they aren't my most popular projects because they are either not very main stream or simply never heard of they are still my favorites. Here they are.




The constellation machine

This is a unique machine that can be made out of cardboard or foamboard. The night sky lights up and rotates. Fun and quirky project. Watch the video here.



Ship in a Bottle Make a Ship in a Bottle

We make a scene from the Odyssey. It is the Sirens and Odysseus tied to the mast of his ship. Fun project. I teach you the basics of making a ship in a bottle or how do you get that ship in there! Make a ship in a bottle You don't need a kit for this project. I show you how to do it all with common materials like bits of wood and clay!


Will's Newest youtube video is now live

Make this quirky and fun eclipse machine. There is nothing like it anywhere on the web. . Watch the video on right here without leaving my website



Home made Phonograph

Make a cardboard or foamboard Phonograph (Record Player)

It isn't high fidelity but it does work. And the secret is a sewing needle and a paper cone. that's it! No electronics or electricity. We make it with a hand crank. Fun project and a bit nostalgic. Make a Foamboard Phonograph


Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game out of a cardboard box. A box and some creativity and you have a fun game. Make the labyrinth any way you like. I also have some clever labyrinth ideas for you. Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game.



A shadow theatre

How to Make a Shadow Theater

It is a fun little project that is easy to make. And it is perfect for unique story telling. You can create little stories, little characters and bring them to life. I also show you several ways to animate your characters. How to make a shadow theater



Paper Towel Tube ProjectsPaper towel and Bathroom Tissue tubes! They are everywhere and there are lots of creative projects you can make with them. I have ideas for you right here and it includes a youtube video. Fun things to make with Paper Towel Tubes



Medieval Art and Drawing Box Make a Medieval Art and Drawing Box

A way to organize and keep your drawing and art supplies. And under the lid we make a nice drawing surface so you can take it with you and have a place to draw and do art. Make a Medieval Art and drawing box.




a Wizard's Orrery Make a Wizard's Orrery

An orrery is a mechanical device that shows the movement of celestial objects. We make one that shows the motions of the Sun the Earth and the Moon. And we do it with foam board. Make a Wizard's Orrery





a Wizard's Pendulum Clock Make a Wizard's Pendulum Clock

Using foamboard you can make a simple moon clock that rotates through the phases of the moon.

It uses a single pin escapement which is an ingenious device. learn about clocks and how they work with this project.

Make a Wizard's Pendulum clock





a PhenakistoscopeMake a Phenakistoscope!

A-Phena-what-a-scope? A Phenakistoscope is often referred to as a magic disk. The disk has a series of images on it and when you spin it an animation happens! Yup, I give you everything you need to make this early animation device. Just print up the template along with four different magic disks. Make a phenakistoscope.




a ZoetropeMake a Zoetrope

A zoetrope is a fun little optical illusion project. You might even call it an animation project. You put a series of images inside a tube and spin the tube. Look through slots you made and the images become an animation. Fun and easy. And I give you the template with the animation ready to go. Make a Zoetrope




a Wizard's Puzzle Box Make a Wizard's Puzzle Box

It is a neat little chest to keep things in. But it also has a secret. Only you know the secret to opening it. Fun! I give you the template to make it. Just some foamboard and a hot glue gun! Make a Wizard's Puzzle Box



The Multi-Pult: A Rapid fire automatic Five Shot catapult

This is a fun and easy project to make. You trigger one catapult arm and it automatically fires all five in rapid succession like a machine gun. Complete tutorial and a video if you want to see it in action. The MultiPult Catapult


Make the Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult

This is an interesti ng little project that is based on the designs by DaVinci. All you need is an embroidery hoop as the source of kinetic energy to fire the catapult. Make the DaVinci Catapult




Make a Rolling Paper Theatre

Here's a fun and interesting project that has a tale to tell. It's the rolling paper theatre of whimsy and it can bring heroic stories to life. With a few simple materials you can make your own and tell your own tale. The rolling Paper Theatre of Whimsy


How to make a Marionette

It doesn't take a whole lot of materials to make a nice little marionette. You just need a little creativity. The sky is the limit!

How to Make a Marionette





a Thaumatrope

Make a Thaumatrope

A thaumatrope is the very first example of the phenomenon of persistence of vision where images merge together. And in a way it is where film and animation started. Two images blur together as you spin it. I have a tutorial on how to make one and I give you four sets of images in a template so you can print them up and make them.
Make a Thaumatrope