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How to Make an Ocean Diorama


You can make this attractive and unique Ocean Diorama. It is creative and a little bit out of the ordinary! It is a porthole and I call it "Discovering Atlantis" You imagine yourself inside a submarine looking through a porthole and seeing the lost city of Atlantis in the distance. Of course it has all the other things that an ocean diorama should have like a coral reef, lots of fish and other things. I made a drawing of a lot of different under water things so you can print it up, color it in, cut it out and use it in your diorama.


An Ocean Diorama

What is this Ocean diorama made out of? A simple cookie tin! And I have all the step by step instructions with pictures right here for you to follow along. It is not your usual ocean diaorama. It is unique!


cookie tin

Here is the cookie tin I used to make this ocean diorama with. I did the project totally out of scratch and it took me three hours. That includes the artwork and experimenting. I think you should be able to do this project in less than two hours. I have included a page full of artwork to make it easier for you. It has various fish, a coral reef, dolphin, crab, scuba diver, shark, a school of small fish and some other stuff that you can cut out and put right into your ocean diorama.

the completed ocean diorama

Here is a look at the completed diorama. I show you how to make a stand for it. It really has a unique look!

It makes good use of the space inside the cookie tin by being three dimensional - which is what we want with a diorama and in particular an ocean diorama. The algae hanging from the top is done in two different layers to give depth to it. And I folded and curled the algae fronds to make them fuller and more realistic. There are some other tricks that I used and I will show you them as we go! So if you think you want to make this diorama let's dig in and have some fun!

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