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How To Make a Triarama
Sometimes it's spelled "triorama"


A triarama is really easy to make. It is simply a diorama made from a single square of paper, cardboard or posterboard. That's all you need. Think of it as kind of like the shoebox of a shoebox diorama. Once you have made the triorama you can then go ahead and put your diorama scene inside it. The picture below shows the completed triarama.

It forms a neat three dimensional triangle.


A Triarama

Here is how you make it



Start with a square of poster board or paper. The larger the square the larger your triarama will be.

I have marked two lines on mine. You don't have to mark yours. Just fold along each of these lines then unfold.


Fold it

Fold it diagonally one way then unfold. And then fold it diagonally the other way and unfold.


Cut diagonally

Cut it with a pair of scissors from one corner to the center.


slide flap

Now just grab one of those flaps and slide it all the way over the other flap. The triarama will fold right up into shape. Voila!

Now you can fill it with various things to make your scene.


I wasn't sure what I would put in mine so I ended up making a triarama of me making a triarama!

The triarama is complete


Some Ideas:

If you are making yours as a school assignment then you probably already have a subject to put in your triarama. But if you don't here are some ideas:

  • A scene from your favorite book
  • An egyptian scene with pyramids and sphinx
  • an underwater scene fish fish and plankton
  • A mystical scene with a unicorn or a dragon
  • a native american scene
  • A castle scene
  • A scene from your favorite movie
  • A desert scene
  • An antarctic scene
  • A rain forest


A Dinosaur Diorama

A Unique Dinosaur Diorama
Not your typical dinosaur diorama. In this one a meteor streaks across the sky and a super volcano erupts. Nice project for learning about the extinction of dinosaurs  Make a Dinosaur Diorama Includes drawings of 6 dinosaurs and all the artwork and instructions you can print out and color.


An Ocean Diorama

Ocean Diorama

This is a unique little ocean diorama shaped like the porthole of a submarine and made out of a cookie tin. I have full instructions and artwork for you to print and make. Easy and fun project. A new take on the ocean diorama. Imagine looking out the porthole of your submarine and discovering Atlantis! Now you can. Ocean Diorama