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A Blank Diorama Box


One of the things that makes a diorama so appealing is the box. This is why shoebox dioramas are so popular. It becomes an enclosed little world. But you don't have to use a shoebox. Making the box yourself can be half the fun and half the enjoyment of the diorama. If you want to make your own shoebox style diorama you might want to make your own box for it. I have a complete packet that you can download and print up then paste together that is a empty box. it is perfect for a small diorama and it even has a nice frontpiece to it. I borrowed this style of box from the Ancient Japanese art of Tatebanko (Paper Dioramas).

The dimensions of this box are: 6 1/2 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches deep. You can simply print it up on your printer and put it together but, paper is a bit weak if used alone so I recommend you glue it down to very thin cardboard like manila folders or manila envelopes then assemble it. You can even purchase thin cardstock that can go right in your printer and that would make it much easier.

A Tip when making your diorama: You shouldn't assemble the whole box first. You should just assemble part of it so you can add things inside. Once you have all your scenery and things inside then you can complete the box. Download the Microsoft Word document here - I also have this project as a pdf if you have difficulty opening up the Word document or if you are using an Apple computer. Here: PDF of tatebanko box

The paper box



What Can you put in your paper box? I have some projects right here that you can print up and use.


Rapunzel Paper Diorama

Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama (Tatebanko)

Here is an easy scene from the Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel that you can make. I give you everything in the template. You print it up and put it together. Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama


Adventure Time Tatebanko

Adventure Time Tatebanko

Here's a tatebanko that's exciting and full of adventure. Based upon the television show adventure time we have made a tatebanko that is fun and exciting to create. This is a great project for the whole family. Adventure Time Tatebanko


You shall not pass tatebanko

You shall not pass tatebanko

You shall not pass tatebanko, this is with Gandalf and the Balrog on the Bridge. This project also has a bonus little section on the back.