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How To Make A Rainforest Diorama


This rain forest diorama is easy to make and above all it shows in its construction the basic structure of a rain forest. A rain forest has five different layes of plant life and vegetation. These layers are called overlayer, canopy, underlayer, shrub layer and ground layer. This diorama takes the unique approach of creating each layer on a piece of paper then building these five layers into a diorama.


I have drawn pictures of all the five layers and you can print them out, cut them and make them into your own Rain Forest Diorama. If you are a bit creative you could draw up your own canopy layers or add more color to mine.

Here is a little information about the Rainforest About the Rainforest

DioramaI also have a more realistic rainforest diorama that is easy to make. This one uses some plastic trees and animals bought at a craft store. This one is a lot of fun and is suitable for children ages 5 and up. Another RainForest Diorama Project



Getting More Creative with your Rainforest Diorama

The rainforest diorama

In the diorama above I have made a simple display out of posterboard. If you wanted to be more creative you could make a complete enclosure for your diorama. I will show you how to do this type of diorama too.

Remember: The important thing about this diorama is that in its construction of five layers it also teaches the concept of the five layers in a rainforest. The Fantasy Diorama we will be making is called "The Battle With The Dragon" and it is pictured to the left. It shows a fire breathing dragon battling with a knight. The knight has his shield up to protect him from the fire. In the background you can see a castle.

This is an easy and fun project and you should be able to complete it in 1-2 hours. But take your time! There is no rush. Enjoy it!


THe layers of the canopy

I have arranged the five layers of this diorama so you can see the concept. Each layer of paper is a layer of the rain forest canopy. You can print out these pages, cut out the shapes then create your own diorama in any shape you like.

Let's Get started - The materials you will need

  1. Scissors
  2. Posterboard (to make the housing for your diorama
  3. Colored Pencils or crayons if you want to add more colors
  4. Tape, masking or cellophane

Here are the five Layers of the Rainforest you can download and print these out. The files are rather large so downloading might be a bit slow. If you have trouble I have also created a webpage for each. You can go to each website and print the webpage.


Overlayer of Rainforest File here


Canopy Layer

Canopy Layer of Rainforest File here


Understory Layer

Understory Layer of Rainforest File here


Shrub and Ground Layers

Shrub and Ground Layers of Rainforest File here


If you are having trouble printing up those files I have put them right into a webpage so you can just browse to the webpage and copy the pictures and print them.

Continue with this project


The Great Kapok Tree

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest

If a tree falls in the forest... someone or something will always be there to hear it. Many, many creatures will feel the effects when their source of sustenance and shelter falls to the earth. So when a man is sent into the Amazon rain forest one day, under instructions to chop down a great kapok tree, many eyes watch him nervously. It's not long before he grows tired, though, and the "heat and hum" of the rain forest lulls him to sleep. One by one, snakes, bees, monkeys, birds, frogs, and even a jaguar emerge from the jungle canopy to plead with the sleeping ax-man to spare their home. When the man awakens, startled at all the rare and marvelous animals surrounding him, he picks up his ax as if to begin chopping again, then drops it and walks away, presumably never to return.

A Rainforest Habitat

A Rainforest Habitat (Introducing Habitats)

Ages 4 to 8 years. Children are introduced to the huge trees, colourful flowers, and other plants in South American tropical rain forests, as well as the insects, amphibians, mammals, and other animals that live there.

Make realistic trees

Want to take your diorama making to new heights of realism? I have put together a selection of materials you can buy from amazon.com. These are great materials that hobbyists use to make really life like dioramas. The trees you see here are one of the kits. They look real don't they?

Woodland scenics Trees and more at Amazon.com They have all the materials you could need.

Diorama making is an extremely rewarding hobby and if you are looking for a way to learn even more and expand your skills to new heights here are a couple of books on the art and craft of diorama making.