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Texture and Terrain Making Tutorials

Terrain textures are wonderful. And they can be a bit expensive. Or maybe you need your project done quickly and you can't wait for shippping of materials. That is ok!

I have tutorials that show you how to make your own textures out of commonly found around the house materials.


Pencil shaving terrainHow to make terrain texture out of pencil shavings

Yup, great way to turn pencil shavings into terrain of any color and consistency. How to make pencil shaving terrain



Terrain from foam

How to make your own terrain textures

It is easy to make great terrain for dioramas and wargaming. All you need is foam, a rasp and some paint. I show you how right here. Make terrain textures out of foam


Make trees out of spongeHow to Make Miniature trees from Household materials

Miniature trees are expensive. But I have a nice alternative. You can make them with three materials: Brown paper, a kitchen sponge and glue. And they come out great. Make Miniature Trees


Make coalMake Miniature Coal for your Railroad

Here is a neat little trick for making coal that was submitted by a web visitor (Theunis). Check it out here: Make miniature coal for your diorama or railroad.



Use volcanic rock for terrainUsing Volcanic Rock in a battlefield diorama I love using commonly found materials to make a diorama. Here is more of a look at the volcanic rock in the Iwo Jima diorama.




Snow in a diorama sceneHow to make snow in a diorama

How to make snow in a Tank diorama Here is a great tutorial submitted by a web visitor. It shows you how to make realistic (and durable) snow from scratch.



A user submitted creative suggestion. Being creative when using materials to make landscapes. This diorama landscape came out superb. I have more pics and suggestions on being creative with your diorama making here. Creative Diorama Making