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How to Make Snow in a Diorama


Making a snowy scene can be a challenge and it is something that many diorama makers face eventually.. There are lots of scenes,particularly if you are doing WW2 dioramas, that simply look better, or are more accurate with snow. And, snow can just look fantastic if done right. This article shows you a home brewed technique for making great looking snow. This technique was developed by a web visitor (Rodney H.) His youtube channel My thanks go out to him for sharing this terrific technique with us.


Here is his advice on how to do it:

"What i have used for snow for years is a little cocktail of mine...hehe...its normal baby powder and mix with shavings of a big piece of plaster of paris..I mold over styrofoam with plaster some high points of the diarama..let it set....then with some white glue mixed with water I cover the high points and then sprinkle the baby powder over it...wait for it to dry..
When ever I plaster something I always make a solid rectangle plaster block..so when it dries I get a hobby knife and cover the shavings over the diarama...[the block MUST be completly dry for this effect] if its not it will be clumps of semi-wet plaster and you don' t want that..as the plaster is heavier than the baby powder it gives a compacting effect and looks quite real....pastels...chalk...ect is a must with any diarama...it is the key element for weathering any model...gives a realistic effect after you have painted your model etc....it gives the illusion of weathered paint opposed to a brand new paint job... After I scrape shavings of plaster over diorama, to secure it I use ...hairspray..as its lacquer,but thats optional as the plaster is heavy most of the time I leave it like it is."


Tiger tank in the snow


Snow covered trees and bushes


Tank in the snow


Spring in the Alps Shadow Box Diorama

I love shadowboxes. They are so unique. This tutorial also shows you another way to make snow in a diorama. check it out right here: Spring in the Alps


Diorama Snow

Soft Flake Snow Shaker

  • For use on model railroads, dioramas or collectible building and military displays
  • For a dusting of snow, sprinkle Snow and attach with Scenic Cement (WOOS191)
  • For heavy snow drifts, apply Flex Paste, 16oz and sprinkle Snow on top
  • Canister contains 50 cubic inches


Scene A rama Snow Kit

Scene-A-Rama Snow Kit - Use this kit to create a cold weather landscape to your diorama. Add snowdrifts, light snow dustings, icicles, glaciers and more




The Scenery Kit The Scenery Kit - Learn terrain and landscape modeling the easy way while you build this 10 x 18 - inch HO scale diorama. Included in the kit are complete instructions, plus the hardboard sides, Plaster Cloth, Rock Castings, Culvert, Lightweight Hydrocal, four colors of Earth Colors Liquid Pigment, Scenic Cement, Track-Bed, Hob-e-Tac Adhesive, Ballast, track HO scale, others can be substituted, five colors of Turf, two colors of Clump-Foliage*, three realistic Tree Armatures, Talus, Poly Fiber and Field Grass. Display an engine or piece of rolling stock on the finished diorama.