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Colonial themed Dioramas

Here are a variety of dioramas from the colonial and revolutionary period.



Williamsburg Diorama

Williamsburg Diorama

This diorama depicts the British occupation of Williamsburg a week before the battle of Yorktown. The Williamsburg Diorama


Colonial Times Diorama

Colonial Times Diorama

- This is an excellent diorama that shows you some great techniques like buildings, variety of landscape, water and more. (This diorama was submitted by Charles B.) The Colonial Times Diorama

French and Indian Wars

A ruined cabin

during the French and Indian Wars. One of the great things about this diorama is the meticulous attention to detail.


A Colonial Revolution Diorama

A Colonial Revolution Diorama - Three men guard a captured building.


Make a foam based diorama with a river

This is a great diorama submitted by a web visitor. It shows all the steps taken to make this wonderful scene from the past on the Mississippi River. The Diorama