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Dioramas made by Charles

Charles B. has submitted a whole bunch of terrific dioramas and tutorials to this website. A big thanks go out to him for all the great stuff.

He also has an amazing knack for making very realistic stone work. I have a tutorial on that right here.

And he does a lot of wonderful Roman era dioramas. So if you are a fan of that time period you have got to check these dioramas out.


Roman Gates

Roman Gates -

Charles is the master of making brick and stone work and he is currently working on a new project called "The Roman Gates" I have pictures of the progress so far right here


Roman temple with pool diorama

Roman temple with pool diorama

- Here is another excellent diorama made by Charles. This one also has a lily pond! Check it out here.


Road and Ruined Temple

Road and Ruined Temple

- wonderful little diorama with an autumn theme and a pool with a fresco at the bottom. And of course it has the wonderful bricks that Charles makes. The Road and Ruined Temple Diorama


A ruined cabin

A ruined cabin during the French and Indian Wars. One of the great things about this diorama is the meticulous attention to detail.


A Colonial Revolution Diorama

A Colonial Revolution Diorama - Three men guard a captured building.


A Castle Diorama

A Castle Diorama

- Charles uses his brick making skills to make a castle diorama.. You can check that out here. The Castle diorama

A diorama

Is it real or is it a diorama?

Well, this is a diorama but it looks pretty real. I have more pictures of some amazing diorama buildings.


Colonial Times Diorama

Colonial Times Diorama

- This is an excellent diorama that shows you some great techniques like buildings, variety of landscape, water and more. (This diorama was submitted by Charles B.) The Colonial Times Diorama


Roman bath

A ruined Roman Bath

Here is another diorama made and submitted by Charles B. It is of a Roman Bath and it is unique in several ways including the hand made bricks and the unique round shape of the diorama. You can see more pictures and learn about it here: Roman Bath Diorama

Roman building and street diorama

A ruined Roman building and street

This is beautiful and very realistic looking diorama that was made and submitted by a web visitor (Charles B.) He based this on his travel to Rome and his observations of buildings and streets in Rome and Pompeii. He also has a terrific tutorial for making realistic looking miniature bricks. Diorama of a ruined Roman Building and street


A Roman Coliseum Battle Diorama

A Roman Coliseum Battle Diorama

Terrific little diorama with some good action! The Roman Coliseum with gladiators


The Sanctuary of Athena Diorama

The Sanctuary of Athena Diorama

Nice little diorama based on a real ruins in Greece. The Sanctuary of Athena


Escaped Gladiators

Escaped Gladiators

Nice little diorama. Includes a road, a brick wall and a swampy area. The Escaped Gladiators Diorama


Realistic Looking Bricks and BrickWalls

How to make Realistic Looking Bricks and BrickWalls

Great little tutorial showing you how to make realistic looking bricks and brick walls.



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