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Using Plexiglas for water effects in a diorama

Plexiglas is a very useful material you can use when making bodies of water in a diorama. It looks good, is reasonably easy to use and it can also save you quite a bit of time and money!

Here are some tips and pictures on how to do it. This comes from a diorama called "Desperate Allies". You can see more of that diorama here: Desperate Allies.

My thanks go to Marshall for this tutorial and for sending in the pictures! You can see his dioramas here


Used clear Plexiglas over painted lake base before I used Woodland Scenics water effects.

This shows a test run of the water effects. The base is painted the clay/soil color. A sheet of plexiglas is laid over that and then some Woodland scenics water effects is poured over that.

This is pretty much the whole procedure. Be sure to paint the base before you set the plexiglas into position. And you can lay the plexiglas flat down on the surface of the diorama or you can have it raised above. This raising above allows you to put all kinds of terrain materials, fish, sunken objects and more right into the water.


Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7: Water Effects, Make the Moat

The next installment of the massive castle siege diorama is done. In this part we add the moat around the castle. Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7




Polycarbonate Sheet, Clear, 1/16" Thick, 12" Width, 24" Length




Water Effects

Water Effects, 8 fl oz

  • A heavy-bodies, moldable product that will hold it's shape
  • Use to create pond ripples, waterfalls or rapidly moving water
  • Dries clear in about 24 hours
  • 8 fluid ounces




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