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Futuristic and Science Fiction Dioramas

Here are a selection of dioramas here on my website that have some kind of a space or science fiction theme.


Space Diorama (Shoebox)

You can make a fun Space diorama where the astronaut is floating in space. I give you all the artwork. And you don't even need a shoebox. I show you how to make one out of cardboard or foamboard. Make a Shoebox Space Diorama


Stargate Diorama

This is a terrific diorama made by a web visitor (Lee). He also gives us pictures and information about how to make a diorama like this. The Stargate Diorama


Swamp Diorama

Star Wars Diorama

Here is a terrific diorama submitted by a web visitor (Chip F.) It is a famous scene from one of the Star Wars movies. Chip used some great techniques to make this diorama including using Sculpey to make the awesome and realistic tree stump. Learn more and see the pics here. A Swamp Diorama


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Diorama

This is another large and wonderful diorama placed in the window of a bookstore. It depicts various scenes from the Jules Verne book and it commemorates 187 years since his birthday. The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Diorama


War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds diorama goes to the bookstore

Making a diorama is the best thing about it. The second best thing is showing it to people. And getting your diorama into a public place gives a wonderful feeling. Well... Joseph's War of the Worlds diorama is now on display in the window of a bookstore. Check out the pictures here.


The Moonbase Monorail

is is a fantasHere is a fun science fiction diorama on a pretty good scale. It was made by Joseph who has submitted some other wonderful dioramas. Check it out here: The Moonbase Monorail diorama


War of the Worlds

Here is a fun little science fiction diorama. Joseph tells us a little bit about how he made this. War of the Worlds


Action Figure Diorama

An Action figure Diorama (IronMan)

Create a diorama for your action figures! The IronMan Diorama