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How to Make terrain and textures
from Pencil Shavings

Terrain textures can be expensive. Here is an alternative way to make your own, and in any color you want. All you need is pencil shavings and paint.

I show you how to make pencil shaving terrain.


pencil shavings

I keep my pencil shavings in a cigar box. Occassionally empty the pencil sharpener. In no time at all I have a nice bunch of shavings.


mix with watery paint

Mix up the pencil shavings with a watery color, lots of water and paint .

We are making green terrain so we are using green color. But you can use any color at all, brown, yellow. whatever color you need the texture to be.


pour onto paper

Spread it out onto a sheet of paper.


spread it out

Then spread it out nice and thin so it's like a blanket. The more you spread it out the faster it will dry.


dab it dry

Now dab it really good with the paper. And do it several times, you can use more paper. Get it pretty dry.

Once it is dry you can use it as terrain. Nice and rough terrain


You can grind it

Or you can grind it one way or another and make it much more fine. Here we did the same process except with a brown color paint. Now we grind it up in a coffee grinder.


Fur on a bear

And we used that brown to make the fur on a miniature bear. It looks and feels great. This bear was for the Brave terrarium.


glue then apply

You just paint some glue or mod podge onto the item then you can roll it in the shavings or sprinkle the shavings on.


Apply glue to surface

To apply the pencil shavings as terrain to a diorama you brush on a thick layer of glue to the surface.


Sprinkle on the terrain texture

Then you sprinkle on the terrain texture. Once it dries you can brush off the excess that didn't stick to the glue.


How to make your own terrain textures

It is easy to make great terrain for dioramas and wargaming. All you need is foam, a rasp and some paint. I show you how right here. Make terrain textures out of foam


Miniature Tree

How to make miniature trees with around the house materials

You just need a few supplies and you can make a very realistic looking miniature trees for dioramas, railroads and more. I made a little diorama just to show off the trees! Make Miniature Trees



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