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Diorama Accessories

Dioramas are great and I love them. You can probably tell by all the stuff I have here on my website. And I have a whole lot of tutorials on how to make them from scratch . But, you can buy some really neat accessories to make your diorama spectacular. It all depends on the theme but here are some great accessories in different themes including medieval, forest, rainforest, farm, and ocean..


Things and Objects

Prepainted Wooden Barrels

  • Wooden Barrels 28mm Miniature Terrain by Pegasus Hobbies
  • Includes 8 Pre-painted polystone wooden barrel pieces, some individual and some grouped together
  • 28mm scale

Prepainted Wooden Boxes & Crates

  • Wooden Boxes Crates Miniature Terain by Pegasus Hobbies
  • Includes 8 Pre-painted polystone Crates.


People and figures

One of the first places you might want to look if you want various types of people and animals for your diorama is in the model railroad world. There are a few different scales so you can get figures in different sizes.

HO Scale figures - These figures are less than an inch in size. The scale is 1/87 so the miniature people are 1/87th human size . More here on the amazon website:. HO Figures as Terrarium Accents


I like these, they are very appropriate for terrariums because they are little backpackers. Creates the illusion that they are traveling through your terrarium forest!


Bachmann Trains City People with Motorcycle


O Scale _ This is a larger scale for trains. It can vary a bit but typically O scale is 1/48 size.

SceneMaster O Scale Figure Sets - People Sitting

This particular set is kind of neat because you can put them on a little bench in your terrarium.


Animals, Dinosaurs, creatures


Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs (72 count)


12 Farm Animal Miniature Toy Figures


Amazon.com carries a whole line of miniature animals by a company called safari. Safari Ltd Pets Toob


Creatures Inc Plastic Creatures: Tropical Fish 14/Pkg


Bonsai style accents

Bonsai growers have been making and using little accents for centuries. We can borrow from this idea and give our diorama a nice feel of the orient.

Mudman Rickshaw - ceramic, sized for bonsai


Single mudman - 2"H

Miniature mudman junk, boat - 2.75"


Fairies and Figurines and Miscellaneous Others


You can get various figurines in different sizes. Faeries are often terrific for terrariums. Just choose something of a suitable size.


Miniature Fairy Village Town Set


Wizard of Oz Dorothy Mini Figurine


Tea Time Fairy Garden Arm Chairs


Otherworld Miniatures - Goblins: Goblin Command (4)



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