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Joseph's Dioramas

Joseph has been a long time contributor to this website. And he has done some really remarkable work. Here are the dioramas that he has submitted. His scenes are always large and ambitious. And I really like that!

He shows a wonderful range of work, each diorama always taking a unique look at the subject.

He has also written a book that is a guide to Toy Castles from around the world. You can check that out at the bottom of the page.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Diorama

This is another large and wonderful diorama placed in the window of a bookstore. It depicts various scenes from the Jules Verne book and it commemorates 187 years since his birthday. The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Diorama


War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds diorama goes to the bookstore

Making a diorama is the best thing about it. The second best thing is showing it to people. And getting your diorama into a public place gives a wonderful feeling. Well... Joseph's War of the Worlds diorama is now on display in the window of a bookstore. Check out the pictures here.


The Moonbase Monorail

Here is a fun science fiction diorama on a pretty good scale. It was made by Joseph who has submitted some other wonderful dioramas. Check it out here: The Moonbase Monorail diorama


The Battle of Grunwald

I love everything medieval and I love everything diorama. So, you can imagine how crazy I am about this medieval diorama. It is the Battle of Grunwald


A Night On Bald Mountain - A classical music diorama

This is a diorama of a classical music piece as it is envisioned by Disney in Fantasia. A night on Bald Mountain Diorama


Hall of the Mountain King Diorama- A classical music diorama

Here is a wonderful diorama based on the classical music piece and inspired by the cover art for the sheet music. In the Hall of the Mountain King Diorama


War of the Worlds

Here is a fun little science fiction diorama. Joseph tells us a little bit about how he made this. War of the Worlds


Be Sure to Check out Joseph's Book:

Toy Castles and Knights: A Guide to Toy Castles From Around the World

Relive the magic of your childhood Toy Castles & Toy Knights or discover them anew in this full-color photo-guide to over 101 Toy Castles & hundreds of Toy Knights from around the world.



Will's Book on Diorama Making

Will's Book

How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

This books shows you how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas using many commonly available tools and materials. There are over 100 pictures and illustrations showing you how to make great dioramas in fantasy and medieval styles. Chapters include basics, water effects, terrain tips and special effects like electricity and small motors. Tutorials include how to use foam, plaster of paris and paper mache to make great looking dioramas.