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The Medieval Village Diorama


This is an on going project (now complete) with a series of videos and turorials that shows you how I make a complete medieval village diorama. There is a lot of stuff to making a diorama like this and I will take you through the whole process. This is a project that continues on after the Massive Wall Diorama project. That one is a large diorama that mounts on the wall.


In this series of tutorials I make this whole medieval village. And along the way I have a whole lot of great things that you can learn about when it comes to making miniatures, buildings, dioramas and more.

If you want a comprehensive look at how to make a diorama, buildings, structures and terrain this tutorial has it all.

Some things of note in this series

Plaster casting - we cast lots of different things in a few different ways including casting in plaster the walls and the roofs of the buildings. I show you how to make the molds and cast the plaster.

Rubber molds and plastic parts -I also have a set on how to make rubber molds and cast plastic parts. We do this for the various crates and barrels in the diorama. What good is a medieval village if there aren't lots of wooden barrels and crates!

River and water casting - I use a two part epoxy resin to make the river and the waterfall and I show you exactly how to do it step by step and what product to use.

Wiring, lights and Special effects - This diorama is fully wired; all the buildings light up. And it is automated with a small motor so the water wheel on the mill actually turns. I show you how to do this.

Buildings, buildings, buildings - This is a big deal. I show you several different ways to make buildings and two different techniques for doing the plastering on them so they have a wonderful medieval stucco look.


The completed diorama


Danny's medieval village

Here is a medieval town madeby Danny. You can see there on the right he used the towel method of making a peasant house! My thanks go to him for sending in the pictures!


Paper Village

Want to make your own medieval village? But, not as elaborate as mine? You can make one out of paper! This is exactly what Scott has done. He took inspiration from my project and made a paper one! My thanks go to Scott for sending me the pics.


Peasant's House

The First Tutorial: Make a Peasant House - It has that nice stucco and beam look that were popular in the Middle ages and there are a few nice extras like a unique thatched roof, a flower pot under the window and a short stone base. How to Make a Medieval Peasant's House


A Medieval Tower

The Second Tutorial: make a Medieval Tower. This building is larger but the basic structure is made the same as the peasants house. Where this one differs is in the stone work and in the shingled roof. I show you how to make a rubber mold and cast the stone work and how to make the shingled roof out of balsa wood. How to make a medieval tower


The terrain

Third Tutorial: Plastering the surface terrain of the diorama - This is where the landscape takes it's shape. There are a few different ways to do this and achieve a realistic look. I use plaster cloth which is a great way to do it.


The pre wiring

Part Four: Wiring up the diorama for lights and other things. I show you how to easily wire something like this up. We don't do the complete wiring.. That comes later. But there is some of this wiring that we have to do now before the diorama advances any further.

Pre-wiring the Diorama


Texture on the buidings

Part Five: Texturing the buildings - I show you how to do the stucco/plaster look common among tudor era buildings and I also show you how to easily do granite like in a fortress. And I show you exactly what materials to use. Texturing the buildings


Medieval Building

Part six: Making and adding the roofs - There are a whole lot of different ways to make roofs. I show you a few different techniques including casting in plaster. How to make the Medieval Building Roofs


Miniature barrels and crates

Part 7: Sculpting and Casting Miniature Crates and Barrels -

I show you the complete process to make lots of miniature objects including how to sculpt, how to make rubber molds and how to cast them. Sculpting/casting barrels and crates

The water mill

Part 8: The Water Mill -

One of the buildings in the Village is the Flour Mill. It has a working water wheel. I show you how this is made. The wheel really turns at a slow pace with a little geared motor. Making the Miniature Flour Mill


Miniature furniture

Part 9: The Furniture inside the Lord's Manor

The Lord's Manor is open in the back so we can see inside. That means it needs medieval furniture! Here is a look at the furniture and how it is made. Making the Miniature Medieval Furniture


The market place

Part 10: The Market Place

This is a fun little tutorial that shows you how to improvise a whole bunch of good looking fruits and vegetables using stuff found around the house. This is part of the medieval village diorama. Make The Marketplace and the Miniature fruits and vegetables


The various small carts

Part 11: Putting together the Village- This includes wiring in the lights, attaching the buildings and other things to the surface of the diorama, cutting the landscape for the waterway and more. At this stage the village is starting to take shape.

Putting together the Village


Miniature flowers

Part 12: The miniature flowers and plants in the village - Lots of great tips and techniques on how to make all kinds of great looking little flowers and plants including cat o' nine tails, climbing vines and potted flowers. The miniature flowers and plants


Thumb of the village

Part 13: Starting to put it all together. The terrain, the walls and the water.

The diorama is coming together now. I show you about wiring the control panel, adding the water, the terrain textures and the walls. Includes a youtube video you can watch and see how it's done. Part 13 Medieval Village


The wall

Part 13b - Casting the Walls for the Village. The Medieval Village has a wall that goes all the way around it. In this tutorial I show you how to make a wall unit then cast it in a rubber mold so you can make lots of copies. Casting The Walls in Rubber Molds


The completed diorama

Part 14 - Finishing the Diorama with some detail work. - Ok, we wrap up this diorama for now and complete it. ( here)


Medieval Village book

Make This Medieval Village (USBORNE CUT-OUT MODELS)

A brand new edition of the 'Make This Medieval Village'. Each page contains pieces which children can cut-out and glue to create a medieval village complete with an inn, medieval houses and a village fair, as well as the inhabitants including the Lord of the Manor, innkeeper and pedlars. Front Cover


Cut out activity book cover

Make This Medieval Town (Cut Out Models)

Printed on stiff card, this book contains templates to cut out and construct a superb model of a medieval town crammed with authentic detail. The model includes miniature villagers and tent stalls for re-creating medieval life. It can be combined with "Medieval Castle", "Medieval Cathedral" and "Medieval Village" to make a complete medieval settlement. The base of the model measures 60.5 x 46cm.


Craft glue

Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue, 4-Ounce

This is the glue I use for a whole lot of this project. It has great tack, dries fast and is nice and clear.


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