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The "Cloud Sword"
Final Fantasy 7 Buster Sword Video Game Movie Replica VII Cloud Strife with Sheath

Buster SwordCloud wields that enormous sword and now you can too. The one we have isn't as large as the one Cloud carries -if it were it would be too heavy to carry! This one is a full 40 inches long though (that's over three feet!) Learn more on our product page.

Editorial Review from Amazon.com:

Product Description:
This is the blade that everybody wants. The demand for this sword far exceeds the supply. All suppliers have doubled their prices and this item will only continue to increase in price. "Buster" Cloud Strife's weapon comes with a custom a leather blade sheath and leather wrapped handle. Buster measures an overall length of 40 inches, guard is 4 1/2 inches wide and blade length is approximately 30 inches. This is not a battle ready weapon and should be used for display purposes only. The blade is made of polished stainless steel. Get yours before we are forced to increase the price.

To the cloud swordThe Cloud Sword Product Page at Amazon


Looking to Buy a Buster Sword? Cloud Buster Swords are no longer manufactured but they are available on ebay. This link will take you directly to the ebay listings:


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