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Make an IronMan Diorama


If you collect action figures you probably have always wanted to make a diorama for them. You can buy single figure dioramas for action figures but they are expensive. And well, they look terrific too but making one yourself is very rewarding and a lot of fun (and won't cost you much either.)

Here on this page is several pictures submitted by a web visitor (Stephen) showing a diorama he made for his Iron Man action figure. My thanks to Stephen for sending me the pictures. He does various projects like this and you can check his work out here (Under the pictures on this page are Stephens tips on how he made this diorama)


Here is what Stephen has to say:

I love going to your site and seeing all of the awesome projects you have created! Which recently inspired me to do my own diorama for my Iron Man 6 inch figures (not the pic involving 3 figures are actually 1:18th scale). I mainly customize action figures for a hobby, and the closest I've gotten to dios is just making simple backdrops from foam etc. If you like you can add this to your site as a guest entry. Hope to see more amazing stuff from you!


A diorama like this looks terrific and just takes some basic diorama and terrain techniques. I have a complete tutorial on how to make a diorama with terrain techniques here

Iron Man

The Diorama

Several Ironmen


  • 1-started with a large unfinished wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby painted brown
  • 2- built up sections using cut up pieces of cardboard layered together and glued
  • 3- created a cheap mâché using elmers glue, water, and left over streamer from my daughters' birthday
  • 4- once that was dry I added faux flower moss from walmart in sections as well as potters dirt for the foliage and spray tacked that down
  • 5- added vase filler stone/ sand mix from target onto layers of clear glue.
  • 6- random fodder bits from different iron man/robot toys with some speaker wire strewn around
  • 7- painted the fodder bits then added a black wash, and dripped brown and black washes into the gravel area for a mud and oil effect. Did a little dry brushing as well when it hardened Then sealed everything with a matte clear coat and modelers cement
  • Most paints were either folkart for the base and small pieces, and more detailed pieces were painted with model masters acrylics by Testors


I also have plenty of other single figure diorama projects like these:

Iron Man Diorama

Some tips on building a diorama like this awesome halo diorama. This isn't my diorama. Somebody asked me for tips on how to build one like this. I lay out some solid help that shows how to make the base using sculpting foam. Nice looking diorama and really sets a great scene. Here is the tutorial on how to do something like this


Swamp Diorama

Here is a terrific diorama submitted by a web visitor (Chip F.) It is a famous scene from one of the Star Wars movies. Chip used some great techniques to make this diorama including using Sculpey to make the awesome and realistic tree stump. Learn more and see the pics here. A Swamp Diorama


Using old wooden picture frame to make a wonderful diorama base

You can pick up some wonderful picture frames from the dollar store or used item store and turn them into some really elegant dioramas. Here glen shows us how to do it with a machine gun and mortar team. Picture frame diorama bases

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