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"Dust Off" Military Diorama

Here is a fantastic military diorama made by Herman. Helicopters played a very important role in Vietnam and this diorama expresses that. It is inspired by real events.

My thanks go to Herman for sending in the pics. And he tells us how he made this diorama.


Vietnam diorama

This diorama is in 1/72 scale and titled "Dust Off" . It was made as a presentation to the Viet Nam US Army veteran who was actually being evacuated in the litter. Since this somewhat depicted a real event, I did not take a lot of artistic license in its fabrication. I started with a 12x14 wood base with a path and ground cover from Woodland Scenics glued to the surface with white glue.

There are 16 moldable plastic trees from Woodland Scenics with reindeer moss for the foliage. I drilled holes in the wood and glued them in place. The Huey is a modified 1/72 MRC easy model. The front was removed and a pilot and co-pilot were added. The side door was cut off and glued in the open position and the mini-gun and rocket pods were removed and the holes filled and painted since the dust offs were not armed.

A winch was fabricated from leftover sprew from another model and glued on. A stokes litter was fashioned from brass rod soldered together and attached with fishing line. The Huey is suspended with a piano wire rod up through the trees and glued into the rear of the Huey and the wooden base. I tried to disguise it as well as I could. There are a total of 20 figures used in the diorama also. 13 American and 7 NVA.  Each side of the diorama depicts a different aspect or another scenario of the event.

close up of the rescue

Figures and trees


MRC 1/72 US Army UH-1B, #65-15045 Vietnam 1967 Model Kit

You can get the woodland scenics terrain and trees
on Woodland Scenics trees and Terrain

Woodland Scenics Value Trees, Green Mix 3-5" WOOTR1572


Super Moss 21757 Reindeer Moss Preserved, Forest, 8-Ounce




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