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Hier Neu Formeren! Normandy 1944 (Regroup Here)

Here is another terrific military diorama made by Glen. He has made quite a few for us and you can check them all out right here.

This one is called Hier Neu Formeren which means Regroup here! It is in Normandy 1944 and it lends itself to that type of situation because it is the 70th year of D Day.


The completed diorama


Glen tells us a little bit about each aspect of this diorama:

I built all the flooring and stairs along with the roof, it is scratch built, I researched the wall paper on line, if you want the link let me know you can just print it off they have such a wide range of authentic various era wall paper. Here is the link: here is the link to the wallpaper  http://www. 40samples.html#.Uuqr-fRdX53 .  

The detail work and wall papering

The kits I used was Dragon German Medical Troops (6074), Dragon Fallschirmjager Batallion 500 (6145) German Combat Unit (6003) Tamiya Panther Tank Type G Late Version (35176)
(links at the bottom of this page)

First Aid

I made all the rubble myself too

The rubble

I like to pick out individual bricks with different colours

The Brick Work

The spent shells on the sandbag are fuse wire painted and cut up, it takes a while due to the scale.

The machine gunner


The tank




The Model Kit

German Medical Troops

This is the 1/35 Scale German Medical Troops Plastic Figures Kit from the '39 - '45 Series by Dragon. Suitable for Ages 14 & Up. FEATURES: Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in grey 4 figures in different poses Paint guide is on the back of the box INCLUDES: Four figures

The Panther

Tamiya Military Model 1/35 Panther Type G Late Ver. Scale Hobby 35176 with RCECHO Full Version Apps Edition


1/35 German Paratroopers 1939-1942, 5 Figure Set

(Not the exact ones used in this diorama)


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