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"The Artist" Diorama

Here is another amazing diorama made by Luis. This one is very detailed and well done. It's easy to look at the model, the artist and the canvas. That's all terrific. But also take a look at the aging and detail work of the artists loft; the wood floor, the walls and the windows!

Luis has made a whole lot of dioramas covering a wide variety of subjects, themes, and time periods. You can check them out right here: Dioramas by Luis


Luis tells us about this diorama:

Here is a piece of 3D art dedicated to art itself. Without art would there be 3D art? Hmmmmm....!

The BASE - the floor comes from a piece of a wooden plank. This gives the look of a miniaturized wooden floor I made several cuts into it.

WALLS - are cardboard which I beat up a little to give it 'cracks' which when painted and washed with a dark paint, the wash flows easily into those 'cracks' giving a look of old and uncared for walls. Also the brick was draw in with a pencil after painting the 'chip wall area' in a brick colored paint by Folklore paints.

WINDOWS - were carved into the cardboard. Then I made window sills from carved - up popsicle sticks. The window are made from matchstick and clear plastic sheet.

FURNITURE - drawers and cabinet were made of Sculpey. Tables and chairs are from a mini doll house set bought on ebay. Rug is just a plain piece of cloth cut into a square. Coat rack is a match stick with staple through it. Oil lamp made of necklace beads. Cups, jars and basket made from Green Stuff. Towels made of tissue.

DOOR/DOOR WAY - doorway made of cut up popsicle sticks, while the door is match sticks glued together

- are online picture of actual paintings, which I miniaturized in scale and printed them out. Then I made frames from them with matchsticks.

FIGURES - are from 28mm from FENRYLL Miniatures (Amazon has a selection of Fenryll Miniatures here)








Beware the Siren

This is a great improvisation of a diorama that came together very nicely. It started with Luis finding the Mermaid and it all grew from that. It's a creative diorama that even has music (as any siren should) ! Check it out here: Beware the Siren


"Naughty Dog " Diorama

This diorama is a rendition of the coppertone ads from the 1960's. Do you remember those ads? Great little diorama. Luis gives us more pics and tells us how he made this diorama. He also has some great tips on making something like this and working with the materials. The Naughty Dog Diorama