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Decorative Halloween Glass Ornaments


Here's a Halloween project that looks good and can be used in several ways. In this tutorial we take regular glass jars and candle holders and make them into into scary decorations that you can put a light in, use to hold candy, or anything else you can imagine. This makes for a fun and easy project for the whole family.

halloween ornaments

For this tutorial you will need:

  • A glass jar or candle holder
  • Paint
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Felt
  • Paper

For this project we have decided to make a witch. First, start by taking whatever you chose for your base and placing the mouth of it on a piece of felt. Trace the outline and then create another circle that is about an inch wider around.












Cut around the outside of the larger circle and then cut the middle out where you traced your smaller circle. This will be the brim of your hat.






Now, cut out a strip of felt that is roughly 3 inches wide and long enough to completely wrap around the top of your base. Cut off the excess and remove the felt from the top.






Now, it's time to create the witches hat. Take the long strip of felt you cut and roll it into a cone shape and cut off the excess. now take the large hollowed out circle and put it around the bottom of your cone and glue into place. Also at this point you can add other things to the hat to make it more creative.





Also in this tutorial we glued black pipe cleaners to the back of the hat to make hair.







Let's continue with the glass ornament tutorial!


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