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Make Foam Armor Greaves - Part 2

Now we finish assembling the cardboard greaves then we apply the craft foam.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




Now we are going to assemble the two halves of the greave together using velcro. It is perfect for this because you will be able to easily put the greaves on and take them off.


Apply Velcro

Put strips of velcro on the inside of the large piece like this.

Velcro is made of hooks and loops. The hooks are plastic like and the loops are soft like cloth.

The big greave piece gets strips of loops.


Put velcro on outside

And put strips on the outside of the smaller piece like this.

This small greave piece gets the hooks.


Test it

Now you can assemble together the two parts of each greave like this - attaching the hooks to the loops.


Looks good

There you go. This is how it looks like from the back. Looking good. At this point do some more curving of the cardboard with your dowel or pipe.

At this point you can try them on and trim them as needed to fit your legs.


Apply spray adhesive

Lets cover these pieces with craft foam. Spray on an even coat of adhesive. Pay particular attention to the edges of the cardboard. The edges are very susceptible to having the craft foam peel off so coat those edges good.


Press onto foam

Now press it onto your sheet of foam. Or press the sheet of foam onto it. Notice the dashed yellow line in the picture. I ran the edge of the foam along that line. This is for a good reason. I will show you.


Check the seam

Now, the sheets of craft foam are not large enough to cover all of this big piece of greave in one shot. So we need to add another piece. We still need to cover a bit more. Shown by the arrow.


Apply more adhesive

So, apply spray adhesive to the remaining cardboard, but don't get any adhesive on the purple craft foam! We cover the craft foam with a piece of paper (blue-greenish in the picture) Now we can spray that cardboard.


Apply more foam

And then finish it with another sheet of craft foam.


Trim the foam

Now trim away all the excess foam.


Spray adhesive

Now we apply craft foam to the other half of the greave. The smaller half. Apply spray adhesive to it and mask off with paper the velcro so you don't get adhesive on those strips.


Apply the craft foam

Apply the craft foam.


Trim excess

And trim away the excess. Be sure to trim away the areas over the velcro so it can be used!


Test it

Velcro them together and try them on! Do some more curving of them as needed.

NextLet's continue with the tutorial and do the detail work and painting



Foam armor helmet

Make a foam armor Knight's Helmet

I continue in my series of tutorials on how to make armor out of foam. And now we make the helmet. And a neat thing about this helmet is that the visor goes up and down.

Make a Foam Armor Knight's Helmet


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