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How to make FrostMourne from World of Warcraft


It is the sword of the Lich King and it is one crazy good looking sword. You can make it with just a few basic supplies. In this tutorial I show you how and I give you the template!

The template is right here - I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.

YoutubeWill has a youtube channel with hundreds of videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here





Closeup of Frostmourne


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Materials Needed:

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Let's Get Started

We start by making the three template pieces.

Cut out the template pieces

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. There are three different sub assemblies we will make. It is very easy and I will show you.


Take Parts A, B and C and tape them together like the green piece in the picture below. And trace it twice onto foam board. Cut those two pieces out of the foam board.

Trace onto foam board


Use a bevel tool or an xacto knife to cut a bevel on each side of the two sword pieces. Make the bevels from the point of the sword to the line shown at the far left of the picture below.

Bevel the blade


Bevel with a knife

You do this bevel by holding the knife at an angle.

Foam Werks foam cutter

Logan Foam Werks Foam Cutting Tool, Straight/Bevel


GLue the pieces together

Now glue those two pieces together. Notice how on the top piece we see the bevels and on the bottom piece the bevels are away from us (facing down).


Trace onto foamboard

Tape together the pieces for the second template (D1, D2, E1, E2, and F) And trace that template onto foamboard, making two of them.


GLue the two pieces together

Then glue these two pieces together, one right on top of the other.

It assembles like this

Put together the pieces that make up the third template (G, H1, H2, I) and trace them onto foamboard making two of them.

Do not glue these two pieces together. They will go on opposite sides of the sword.


On each of these two pieces bevel six edges like you see here.

Bevel these edges


NextOkay! The sub assemblies are made. Let's build this sword


Watch The Video Here




High Quality Handmade 1:1 Replica Stainless-Steel Frostmourne Lich King Arthas Sword From World of Warcraft WOW With Display Plate

  • 100% brand new and high quality WOW Frostmourne Lich King Arthas Sword
  • This 1:1 replica sword is made of Stainless-Steel with very detailed craftsmanship, Great for collection or cosplay
  • Alloy Tsuba (Guard) with exquisite craftsmanship design, Comes with a wall mount kit
  • Mosaic pattern into the steel surface, convex, concave and distinct
  • Overall Length: 120cm/47"; Nagasa Length: 80cm/31.5"; Weight: 4.5kg/10lbs


S1702 WoW Lich King Death Knights Frostmourne Arthas Sword 1:1 w/ 3D Plaque 47"

  • Overall 47" or 118cm long, 4.6kg for the sword, 2.5kg for the wall plaque, 8.8kg gross with package, non-sharpened;
  • Stainless steel blade, 78cm long, 9.5cm wide, 4mm thick, silver matte finish with beautiful curved double edges, symbol engravings;
  • Brown leather cover on double-hand metal handle 23cm long with antique silver WoW shadowbane guard and skull pommel, three rings glued on the brown leather;
  • Black hanging 3D wall plaque.
  • Handmade brand new 1:1 replica without chip.


Elmer's Acid-Free Foam Boards, 20 x 30 Inches, 3/16-Inch Thick, Bright White, 2-Count (902015)




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