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Origami Earrings

These are hand-made earrings using origami paper and jewelry grade epoxy resin as a coating.


We use a variety of Origami paper to make our earrings.

Origami Paper

We currently have two styles of earring; pajarita (little birds) and butterflies.



These delightful handmade origami earrings start with a 4cm square of authentic Japanese origami paper. Each individual bird or butterfly is unique since they are made by hand. The finished products are about 1" tall and roughly 1" wide.. They are coated in Annie Howe's LUXE® 100% nontoxic jewelry-grade epoxy resin and are therefore extremely rigid, durable and waterproof. The earring is a standard 20 gauge surgical steel fish hook.

The selection shown above shows an array of the warm tone earrings we offer. Because we have more than one type of paper for each color category, the pair you receive will be overall "green" or "blue" but the styles and patterns may vary. If you've fallen in love with a specific pattern of paper please privately message us and we'll try our best to send you a specific kind.


Origami Crow Earrings (Warm Tones)





Origami Crow Earrings (Cool Tones)





Origami Butterfly Earrings




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