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Make a Christmas Terrarium

There are lots of fun christmas projects you can make. But few can be as fun or as unique as a christmas terrarium!
Yup, a nice container a few plants, a few accents and of course some christmas lights! And you have yourself a wonderful holiday terrarium.

This tutorial shows you how to make one and gives you lots of ideas on what you can use and create.

All of the standard terrarium rules apply when it comes to the plants and soil. We just spice it up a bit with some wonderful christmas stuff.

I will show you how to make these accents.


The Christmas Terrarium


Before starting: Be sure to clean your container very well.


The glass container

We start with a simple glass container. It has a wide open top which will make it easy for us to insert the various ornaments and accessories. This container is five inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall.


layers of the terrarium

Now we follow the standard terrarium process. First a layer of pebbles for drainage, then a layer of horticultural charcoal for purifying everything, then a layer of spaghnum moss to keep the soil from sinking down.

This picture shows the sphagnum moss as thick and lumpy. We will press that down so it is shaped like a blanket on the other layers. Just press it down firmly..

And I dont' show it but now a thick layer of soil goes on top of all this.


View of the terrarium from above

SO, this is a look from the top. All the soil is in and we put a square of pebbles in the middle. This is for the christmas house to rest in.


Add the plants

Now put in the plants in an interesting arrangement. You dig a small hole in the soil and place the rootball of the plant in it then tamp it down.


The christmas house

Now lets take a look at some of the fun things that go inside this christmas terrarium.

This is the little house.

You should adjust the size of this house depending on the size of your terrarium container. And you can make the house any shape. You could even make your own house.


The wooden miniature house

The house itself is made out of bits of balsa wood hot glued together.


The decorations on the house

Now we can start decorating and painting the house.


The miniature light bulbs

The bulbs are air dry clay. Then glue them to fishing string. Super Glue would work better than glue gun.

Because they are so small it can be tricky to do these. Be patient. It is well worth it! They look great.

NextOkay! Let's finish off this terrific little Christmas Terrarium



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