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How to Cast a Plaster Hand


This is a tutorial on how to cast a replica plaster hand. It is a pretty easy project to do and it comes out terrific looking. The possibilities are endless with a project like this.


Quick Overview of the process:

There isn't a whole lot to something like this. First you mix up a batch of skin safe rubber mold making material. We use something called Alja Safe. You dip your hand into it and let it cure. Then you remove your hand. This leave a hole in the rubber that is the shape of your hand!. Then you mix up some plaster and pour it into that mold. Once that plaster cures you remove it from the mold. That's it!

The cast hand


I bought a kit that makes this process very easy. But you don't need a kit. You can do all this with some various materials. Here is the Smooth On life casting kit that I bought available on Amazon.com

Life casting alja safe

Life Casting Starter Kit With Alja-Safe Alginate It includes everything you need except water. And the container is what you dip your hand into.





Measure the Alja Safe

Measure out the amount of alja safe that you need.









Mix with water

Mix it with warm water of an equal amount. I used six cups of alja safe so I mixed it with six cups of warm water. 80 degrees F is about optimal for alja safe. Follow the directions for whatever rubber making material you use.







Pour into container

Pour that mold making material into the container you will dip your hand into.







Wet your handBefore plunging your hand into the rubber dip your hand in warm water.








Plunge hand into the mixtureSlowly plunge your hand into the rubber. Think about the pose you want your hand to be in. And keep all parts of the hand away from the walls or bottom of the container. You need a half inch of rubber all the way around the edge of the container.

Wait the specified amount of time. For alja safe it is between 8 and 10 minutes.





Remove your hand

Remove your hand slowly from the mold. You can wiggle your hand and fingers to loosen the grip on your skin.







The mold is done

You now have a rubber mold of your hand. Let's cast plaster into it and make the hand copy.







NextLets continue with the tutorial



Alja-Safe Alginate 3-lb Box Here is the skin safe rubber making compound alone.

Alja-Safe® alginate is suitable for making temporary molds of the face, hands and other body parts. It is easy to use and cures quickly. You can then cast plaster or oather materials into the mold to make a reproduction. Alja-Safe® does not contain free crystalline silica, a known carcinogen, that other alginates do.



PerfectCast Casting Material

This is a plaster casting material. This is something that you can cast into the rubber mold to make the item.




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