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How to Make a PVC Dagger


This is a partial tutorial. I just go over some of the things that make the pvc dagger different than the regular pvc sword. For a full tutorial check out my PVC sword tutorial here.


PVC Dagger



There are a couple of things with the dagger that are different than the sword. Let's take a look.

We use a smaller size PVC pipe for this: The 1/2 inch pipe and fittings.


We use a T rather than the X that we use for the sword.









Drill a hole in the tee

We drill through the T.










P pipe fits through the hole

This way we can fit a length of pipe through it.









The blade

For the blade we insert it into the drilled T, heat it up and flatten it . Then we heat and cut the tip.








Heat the tip

To shape the handle we heat it.









Flatten the tip

And we flatten it.









Trim the handle

Mark the handle to have the shape that you want. Then heat it. And once soft you can cut it with a pair of tin snips.








Smooth the handle

And there is the handle shape. Sand it to smooth it out.

To finish the dagger cut small pieces of pvc to go into the side holes. And you can end it off by putting end caps on them.

Paint it however you like!






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How to Make a PVC sword

a PVC sword

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