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How to make the Skyrim Iron Helmet


This is a tutorial on how to make the Iron helmet from Skyrim. It is a paper mache project and it is pretty strong because it has a cardboard frame underneath.

To make the cardboard frame I have the pdf templates you can download right here: The Skyrim Iron Helmet

I also have a video tutorial on how to make this helmet. It is at the bottom of this page.



Here is a look at the completed helmet. This is what we make in this tutorial. If you came here from youtube I am currently working on this tutorial. You can still download the packet above. But give me a few hours to complete this online tutorial!!

The completed Iron Helmet


Can you make this Iron Helmet? You sure can! Lots of people have made it. And they sent me pics! You can see the pics here: Iron Helmets made by Web visitors



If you haven't already downloaded the pdf packet you can do that here. Print it up and cut out and tape together the various pieces.






Materials Needed for this tutorial

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Newspapers
  • Paper towels
  • Three empty cereal boxes
  • Stapler
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional)
  • White Glue
  • Paints, Black, red, brown, silver
  • Masking tape or Duct tape
  • Aluminum Foil


The cardboard frame of the helmet

Staple the cardboard frame together so it looks like this. It is pretty much the completed helmet without the horns. If you don't have a stapler you can glue or tape these pieces together.









foil on the helmet

Next stuff the helmet with wads of newspapers and then cover the helmet with aluminum foil.

The crumpled newspaper inside will keep the shape of the helmet and the aluminum foil will give you a smoother helmet and prevent the paper mache from going inside.

Be sure to cut out the eyeholes like shown here.

Put that helmet on some kind of a stand (I use a coffee can) This way it is easy to work on.



Mix up a batch of paper mache and stir it until it is smooth (2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water) . Cut yourself a bunch of strips of paper towels or newspapers like in the picture. Dip the strips in the paper mache and wipe off the excess with a finger scissor action like you see in the picture.

Apply strips of paper mache to cover the whole helmet. Overlap the strips so it makes a nice strong covering.





The first layer of paper mache is done. Let it dry. It will take overnight. But if you use a fan it will dry in a couple of hours.







second layer of cardboard on the helmet

Now we are going to add some more strips of cardboard. Because we will apply one more coat of paper mache. You put three strips on the helmet as shown. One as a head band. One from temple to temple and one from the front to the back. You can just put them on tightly or you can glue them in place.

These are important because they strengthen the helmet but they also form the iron bands that give the helmet a great look.




NextOk, you can continue on with the tutorial here

Note that the video for this project is just below the line.




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I also have a tutorial showing you how to make this same helmet except miniature!

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